Mariska Hargitay, Chris Meloni Tease SVU Reunion in New On-Set Photos

SVU Benson Stabler

NBC’s Benson/Stabler reunion is drawing nearer — but don’t worry, Mariska Hargitay and Chris Meloni are safely distanced on the Law & Order: SVU set.

On Friday, Hargitay and Meloni both shared selfies featuring one another while presumably filming an upcoming SVU episode that will reunite their onetime partners. “We are a little bit closer,” Meloni captioned his photo, which shows Hargitay sitting a few feet behind him. Hargitay later countered with a similar photo captioned, “Now even closer,” with Meloni grinning in the background.

The on-set snapshots are just the latest photographic evidence of Meloni’s return to the SVU fold. In December, showrunner Warren Leight posted a screenshot of a virtual SVU table read, which included Meloni among the participating actors. “Well, we had a pretty good read-thru,” Leight wrote at the time.

Meloni, as previously reported, will return to the Law & Order franchise in a Stabler-centric new series subtitled Organized Crime. The actor confirmed last July that Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler would share an on-screen reunion, as well, which is expected to take the form of Meloni’s first SVU appearance since exiting the show nearly a decade ago. (Meloni departed SVU after negotiations related to his contract broke down at the end of Season 12. When Season 13 started, Stabler had retired from the police force without saying anything to his tight-knit co-workers; Olivia learned the devastating news at the same time as the audience did.)

Neither Meloni’s SVU return, nor his Organized Crime offshoot, have a confirmed airdate on NBC yet; Organized Crime was missing from the network’s midseason schedule, and there’s been no update on a premiere timetable.

In the meantime, though, you can bask in the glory of Meloni and Hargitay’s new photos, embedded below:

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