Search Party Season 4 Premiere Recap: The Hunter Becomes the Hunted

Search Party Season 4 Premiere

Dory’s lies may have gotten her sprung from legal trouble, but in Season 4 of Search Party, a whole new kind of horror awaits our curly-haired antihero.

When we last left the Brooklynites, Dory and Drew were found not guilty for the murder of private investigator Keith Powell. But the former couple’s newfound fame brought forth a new kind of hell for Dory when her supposedly dead stalker infiltrated her apartment, abducted her and chained her up in his basement. Now that she’s MIA, will Portia, Elliott and Drew realize she’s in trouble before it’s too late? Read on for the highlights from “A Girl in the Basement.”

We pick up with an unconscious Dory being dragged on the ground. Before things can get too twisted, we cut to stalker-boy Chip’s one-man jam session to Deee-Lite’s “Groove Is in the Heart,” while he hunts down the perfect gas station candy bar. A horrified Dory wakes to find herself locked in his trunk.

When we see Dory again, her adorable locks are shaved clean, and she’s chained up in a basement in front of a video camera. Chip, who she recognizes as “the twink from the wedding,” has her name tattooed across his fingers and loudly exclaims, “We’re best friends! We have so much in common!” When she notices her hair is gone, he tells her he needed some authentic Dory hair for his Dory doll. “What do you want from me?” she asks in horror. “Friendship,” he responds. Like a weirdo.

Elliot and Portia are planning an acquittal celebration for Dory, but when they call her up and get her voicemail, they pay it no mind, only to return focus to their own self-involvement. Elliott does deliver this golden nugget: “Honestly, why isn’t it easier to find decorations that celebrate being acquitted?”

But back to the basement.

Chip forces Dory to read a statement that he records, in which she names him as her best friend. “Together, we can do just about anything,” she reads with frightened rabbit energy. He then drugs her, and she awakens inside a fake replica version of her apartment, where everything is made out of felt and plush. Chip tells her that here, she can grow and distance herself from the unwell people she flocks with. The people who hurt her time and time again. “This is a better version of your home, a better version of your life, and I’m a better version of your friends,” he says.

When Chip comes to collect Dory’s empty dinner tray, she pulls him inside the fake apartment (which is totally starting to feel very Brie Larson in Room). She slams the hatch door on him, but when she climbs the basement’s stairs, the steel door is bolted shut and requires a code to open. Looks like Dory’s escape won’t be so easy after all.

Portia interrupts Drew’s family dinner to tell him Dory never showed to her party. He meets Portia and Elliot to let them into the apartment, where they find a letter from “Dory” (clearly planted there by Chip), which reads like a crazy person. Fake Dory claims to need alone time, writing, “I have done everything you and the gang have asked of me and more.” The letter also says she’s taking a trip to Europe to start fresh, which infuriates all three of them.

Meanwhile, Dory attempts her next escape ploy: holding a pen to Chip’s throat to force him to enter the code. He calls her bluff, knowing he’s her only way out.

Portia, Elliot and Drew proceed to get sloshed, leading them to share their fury and trash-talk Dory. Shortly after, they’re all kissing on the lips (hey, alcohol is a wonderful and sexy substance) and proceed to drunk-dial Dory’s voicemail. “Dory Sief, you deserve terrible, horrible things!” yells Portia. As we hear the end of the gang’s voicemail, Dory is once again being locked away in her faux apartment.

How will Dory ever escape, and when will her friends figure out the truth? Grade the premiere below, then hit the Comments with your thoughts!

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