Is Bachelor 'Villainess' Victoria Paying Homage to Edi Patterson's Character From Vice Principals? We Investigate

Victoria from The Bachelor and actress Edi Patterson

Ever since Season 25 of The Bachelor premiered, we’ve been staring at Victoria Larson, this iteration’s quasi-villainess and self-proclaimed “Queen,” trying to figure out just who she reminds us of. Bachelor Nation fans on Twitter have their theories, comparing the 27-year-old Los Angeles real-estate agent to everyone from 2006 Lady Gaga to Nora from iCarly.

And then it hit us (as it should have any fan of HBO’s underrated two-season comedy Vice Principals)Victoria is a watered-down version of that show’s female antagonist, Jen Abbott, played with brilliant, unhinged abandon by actress and current Righteous Gemstones star Edi Patterson. Both “characters” have a rabid disdain for female romantic rivals, struggle with unreciprocated affection and are not above a little despicable deception. As seen in the following clips, even their aggressive kissing style is near-identical.

While Matt James, the franchise’s first Black Bachelor, didn’t recoil the way Danny McBride’s Neal Gamby did, it’s safe to say there is no more of a future for Victoria and Matt than there was for Patterson’s psychotic Spanish teacher and the vice principal she stalked and tried to kill. Thus far, Matt has failed to comprehend Victoria’s villainy, even going so far as to tell Bachelor Happy Hour podcast co-host, Rachel Lindsay, that Victoria is “unapologetically herself,” witty and hilarious.

Also a big fan of the Bachelor breakout: Patterson herself. And, yes, the Groundlings vet also gets a spirit-animal vibe from Victoria and Ms. Abbott.

“She’s maybe not as wildly and joyfully enthusiastic about Matt as Abbott was about Gamby, but her obsession and instant hate of any girl he might like is right in the pocket,” Patterson tells TVLine, adding, “I genuinely appreciate her presence on the show. She makes me laugh out loud.”

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