The Amazing Race Finale Recap: Which Team Won and Banked $1 Million?

The Amazing Race Finale Season 32 Episode 12 Hung Chee

Their adventure around the world has finally come to an end, as the remaining three Amazing Race teams returned stateside for the season’s final showdown, winners take all.

With the $1 million prize on the line, married parents Hung and Chee, boyfriends Will and James, and pro volleyballers Riley and Maddison traveled to New Orleans on Wednesday’s episode, ready to hit the pavement and duke it out one last time before the winner is crowned. After visiting 11 countries and 17 cities, and traversing more than 33,000 miles around the globe, it all comes down to this! So who won Season 32 of the Race? Read on to find out.

AND THEY’RE OFF | The teams depart Manila en route to the Big Easy, where they must make their way into the heart of the French Quarter. First stop: Louis Armstrong Park. The first clue tells them they must join a Bourbon Street parade and collect 50 red and 50 gold beads in order to move on. While the boyfriends and Hung and Chee make it to the parade and begin collecting beads, the beards are already lost on their way to the first clue box. One bad taxi ride is all it takes to lose $1 million in this race.

Riley and Maddison finally catch up, just as the other two teams realize the Grand Marshall is only wearing large-beaded necklaces. Will and James are the first to get the job done, but Hung and Chee are right behind.

ROADBLOCK | Teams head to Cafe Beignet where they have to search heaps of king cakes for a miniature baby doll hidden inside. All three teams are pretty even, that is, until Will finds his figurine. But before they move on, duos must eat half a dozen beignets each (which, frankly, is probably the best challenge they’ve had all season, and I’m super jealous). The boyfriends start to bicker as their stomachs fill up, and Will looks like he’s about to boot. They finally finish, just as Chee realizes he missed his baby… and Hung sees it on the table, but can’t help him out!

Hung finally finds his error, and the married couple gets chewing.

ROADBLOCK #2 | The boyfriends head to the New Orleans convention center for their next clue, which tells them they must leap off a 180-foot bridge over the Mississippi River to grab a clue hanging in the darkness. James doesn’t love heights, but since Will did the cake roadblock, it’s his turn to step up. And he’s not looking forward to it. He takes the leap anyway and successfully makes the grab! Next, they must rappel down the bridge and roll a large, oversized ball to Mardi Gras World.

Hung is next up on the bridge swing, and her first jump is successful! (Maddison and Riley, meanwhile, are still chowing down on their beignets.)

Next, teams must find a crate of 32 puzzle pieces to turn their large blue balls into globes, and since they studied geography before the race, they make quick work of the puzzle. (Do either of the other two teams stand a chance, at this point?) They call for a check, and though the map is correct, the assembly needs work.

Chee/Hung start rolling their ball as the beards begin their rappel, but the boyfriends’ second check is successful. They’re cleared to proceed to the finish line: the New Orleans Superdome.

PIT STOP | Will and James arrive to Phil’s mat first and become the official winners of Season 32! The cherry on top? Will then proposes to James at the finish line… and he says yes! Talk about a life-changing experience for the fiancés! Chee and Hung wind up taking second, and shockingly, the volleyball bros come in last.

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