NCIS: Los Angeles Recap: Who Was the Recipient of a Christmas Miracle?

NCIS Los Angeles Deeks Enters FLETC

This Sunday on NCIS: Los Angeles, Kensi and Deeks tried to be in the holiday spirit — even though one of them has a murderous sociopath on the loose and vowing vengeance, and the other is fresh out of a job.

Kensi actually kept the Kessler threat in perspective, while Deeks worried about it enough for the both of them. And that’s on top of his concerns about their financial situation, now that the LAPD has permanently terminated his position as an NCIS liaison. In fact, so downtrodden is Deeks that, despite Kensi’s best arguments to the contrary, he is convinced they cannot afford their dream house.

Or, will the wannabe homeowners be saved by the Beale? Because Eric has returned from his stint starting up a tech company full of new attitude (and facial hair), and having just closed a multibillion (with a B!) dollar deal with the DoD. Surely he can part with a few bills to help out “Densi,” right?

But before Deeks can even make the appeal, Eric reveals that he in fact has no use for his fortune… so he is setting up a foundation to end homelessness in all of L.A. Just end it. By buying up hotels and such. Crazy, yeah, but… Deeks can’t argue with it. And so he keeps his own housing concern to himself.

At episode’s end, Kensi finds Deeks at HQ, and he has decided that he wants to sell the bar in order to bolster their bank account. He says it’s time for him to take the heart and soul he pours into the Squid and Dagger and instead put it into his new home and family. But just as the marrieds agree to that drastic decision, Hetty suddenly Skypes in from who knows where, to offer her congratulations — not on the house, but on Deeks getting accepted into FLETC, to become an actual NCIS agent. But isn’t he too old? As evidenced by Hetty herself, she says age is but a number.

Elsewhere this week, Hetty assigned Callen to handle a drug smuggling case that involved his former foster brother, Ray (The Brave‘s Demetrius Grosse). That led to the discovery of a drug smuggling plot run between clinics in L.A. and Mexico, and Ray helping G capture the bad guys. In the wake of that adventure, Callen offered to give Ray the money he needs for his ailing wife’s operation — as a form of payback, Callen explains, for how back in the day Ray roughed up Callen’s bully, though it meant fleeing their foster home.

Also, Sam’s daughter Kamran (now played by All American‘s Kayla Smith) resurfaced, though she reneged on a first invitation to meet/have dinner with Catherine.

What did you think of NCIS: LA‘s fall finale?

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