Legacies Season 3 Trailer: [Spoiler] Prepares to Make the Ultimate Sacrifice

Hope and Landon are in for a rude awakening in Legacies‘ third season — at least if everything goes according to plan.

The CW on Thursday released the official trailer for the supernatural drama’s Jan. 21 premiere (9/8c), in which everyone at the Salvatore School is racing to find a cure for Hope and Landon’s respective unconsciousness.

As you may recall from the show’s makeshift Season 2 finale, Hope remains in a dreamlike state after rescuing Josie from the evils of her own subconscious, while Landon was felled when Rafael (aka The Necromancer’s new puppet) stabbed him with the infamous golden arrow.

In the trailer, Rafael proposes a risky to rescue his foster brother, while Landon (via a dramatic voiceover) laments that Hope won’t be present for his “final goodbye.” And we’re not happy about any of it.

On a lighter note, fans can also expect to see more of werewolf Jed (Ben Levin) and human Ethan (Leo Howard) in Season 3, as both actors have been promoted to series regulars. (Let’s be real, we had to end this post with some good news, right?)

Hit PLAY on the video above for your first look at Legacies’ third season, then drop a comment with your hopes for the coming year below.

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