Shameless EP Teases Ian and Mickey's Marital Struggles in Final Season

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The honeymoon phase is officially over for Shameless newlyweds Ian Gallagher and Mickey Milkovich. When the Showtime series’ final season premieres this Sunday (at 9/8c), the couple will be “just exiting” that stage after six months as husband and husband, executive producer John Wells says.

As the pair continue to navigate their new married life, they will find that maybe they’re not on the same page about some big things. “That’s a huge element of what we’re doing this season,” Wells tells TVLine. “It’s easier from a distance, isn’t it, married life? So that’s a lot of what they’re going through.”

“We have a number of people involved in this show who are involved in same-sex relationships, same-sex marriages,” Wells continues, “and so we’re telling those stories about maybe there were some advantages in not being able to get married, and what are the good things about it, and what are the bad things about it?”

But those marital issues are relevant no matter who the couple is at the center of the relationship. “Marriage can be really hard, and the adjustments that you have to make in marriage can be really hard,” Wells adds. “It’s no different if you’re two men who are getting married or if it’s a man and a woman. You’ve got to figure out what to do about money, what to do about how you make decisions together, that loss of independence. That’s a major theme for Ian and Mickey.”

Plus, there’s another major decision that the couple have to make about their life together: They need to decide where they’re going to set up their home. “Mickey’s fine just kind of hanging around the Gallagher house,” Wells previews, “and Ian is like, ‘We ought to be getting our own place and starting our lives and thinking about having kids,’ and Mickey’s like, ‘Well, I didn’t know when we got married we were actually going to change all this. I thought we were just getting married. I didn’t think we were actually going to have to grow up.'”

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