The Voice Season 19: Our Picks to Advance All the Way to the Top 8 Are…

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Truth be told, the list you are about to peruse, of our picks to make it to The Voice’s Season 19 Semi-Finals, is incomplete. Painfully so, as a matter of fact.

If it were a true list of our picks, it would include Marisa Corvo, the Team Kelly Clarkson powerhouse that was ditched during the Knockouts so that her coach could hedge her bets and take a country act to Monday’s Live Playoffs (NBC, 8/7c).

Can ya tell that we’re still bitter? Marisa couldn’t have been more robbed if Kelly had told her to stick ’em up and emptied the frontrunner’s pockets.

Nevertheless, in the interest of nailing the Top 8 — a feat we’ve yet to pull off — we’ve put aside our irritation and disappointment long enough to make up a list of the remaining contenders that we believe have the best shot of making it all the way to the Semi-Finals. Included among them are the country boy who’s made himself comfortable in the spot that should’ve been Marisa’s, a pair of tween prodigies who make delivering flawless vocals seem like it’s nothing more than child’s play, and a contestant who has so much in common with Season 18’s victor that, if he actually wins the whole shooting match, it’s kinda gonna feel like a rerun.

Ready to see our picks? Click on the photo gallery above — or go here for direct access — then hit the comments with the singers you think will be standing in the spotlight come Semi-Finals time.

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