The Undoing Poll: Who's the Killer? We Examine All of the Prime Suspects

The Undoing HBO Who Did It Killer

The Undoing has been slowly unraveling each twist in its season-long murder mystery over the past five weeks, with shocking reveals and red herrings galore. But heading into this Sunday’s finale (HBO, 9/8c), we still don’t have the answer to our most pressing question: Who killed Elena Alves?

Like any good mystery, The Undoing has kept us guessing about the killer’s identity every step of the way. (In fact, we’ve even changed our minds a few times mid-episode.) And when we scan down the cast of characters, just about all of them could be the killer, with at least a half-dozen solid suspects to choose from. So let’s put on our amateur sleuthing hats and examine the evidence, shall we?

Read on as we break down each suspect and explore why we think they could’ve been the one to swing that sculpting hammer — and why they might be innocent, too. Then it’s your turn: Vote in our poll for who you think the killer is, and then hit the comments to explain your theory and share any evidence we may have missed.

The Undoing HBO Jonathan Hugh GrantJonathan

Grace’s cheating husband is the prime suspect in Elena’s death, and for good reason: He was having an affair with the victim, he was with her the night she died, and then he fled for several days after her death. He’s consistently denied being the killer… but he’s also a lying liar who lies all the time, with new deceits coming to light each week. (For God’s sake, his own mother thinks he’s an unfeeling monster.) Maybe we just don’t want to believe Hugh Grant could commit such a heinous act? But it would actually be fitting if all the clues were pointing to the right person the whole time.

The Undoing HBO Henry Son Noah JupeHenry

OK, so it was pretty incriminating that the missing murder weapon — that sculpting hammer — ended up in the violin case of Grace and Jonathan’s teen son. But this show wouldn’t tip its hand an episode early, would it? And the kid would have to be seriously psychotic to not only brutally murder his dad’s mistress, but to cover it up so convincingly and then let his dad take the fall for the crime? We’re skeptical on this one.

The Undoing HBO Fernando Elena HusbandFernando

The victim’s spouse is always the first place that investigators look, and Elena’s husband definitely has some unresolved anger issues. Jonathan’s lawyers have been eager to point in his direction, and though the police have said he has an alibi for the night Elena was killed, we still have our suspicions. Could it be that he discovered his wife’s affair and took out his rage on her?

The Undoing HBO Franklin Donald SutherlandFranklin

Grace’s ultra-rich father is an unlikely murderer, but he’s been setting off alarm bells in our heads for a few weeks now. He’s made it clear he would stop at nothing to protect his daughter and grandson. (Remember when he got super sinister with Henry’s school dean? “You have not yet met.. ugliness.”) Plus, he’s an art collector, and Elena was an artist, so he may have known her before the crime. Maybe he discovered that Jonathan was cheating on his daughter and then decided to eliminate that threat, pinning the crime on Jonathan and getting him out of Grace and Henry’s life for good?

The Undoing HBO Grace Nicole KidmanGrace

Yes, it would be quite the twist for Grace herself, lover of chic coats, to be revealed as the killer — especially since each episode has hinged on her shocked and befuddled reaction to every new revelation. But we’re still hung up on those strange flashes of her and Elena together… is it possible she’s befuddled because she doesn’t remember killing Elena? That the two of them had some kind of history together, and Grace went into a dissociative state and blacked out after killing her? There’s an awful lot of footage of her strolling right by the crime scene, we’re just saying.

The Undoing HBO Sylvia Lily RabeSylvia

This one is a bit of a longshot, but hear us out. Grace’s lawyer friend has been unusually involved in the case, and she was in the same school mom group as Grace and Elena. Jonathan also alluded to the fact that he’s been unfaithful more than once. Could his other mistress have been (gasp!) Sylvia, and when she found out he had a new fling, she took out her competition? She does know the law, so she’d know how to cover her tracks. Plus, anyone who watched American Horror Story: Asylum can confirm that Lily Rabe can get dark as hell.

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