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The Undoing: Nicole Kidman Reacts to Penultimate Episode's Twist Ending

The following story contains major spoilers about Sunday’s The Undoing — proceed at your own peril

In Sunday’s penultimate episode of HBO’s glossy, addictive whodunit The Undoing, Nicole Kidman‘s beleaguered socialite finds herself on the receiving end of yet another narrative curveball. While tidying up Henry’s bedroom, a horrified Grace discovers a sculpting hammer (aka the MIA murder weapon!) inside his violin case (read full recap here).

While this new development is sure to put a cloud of suspicion over Jonathan and Grace’s seemingly well-adjusted son, the preview for next week’s series finale (watch above) all but confirms that Grace will reject any notion that her beloved boy could’ve committed such a heinous crime. And without revealing whether Henry is in fact the perpetrator, Kidman says she can certainly relate to her alter ego’s fierce maternal instinct.

“As a mother, I will always choose to say, ‘My child would not do this,'” the actress tells TVLine. “A mother’s love is so deep — I will die before I will believe my child is the one who did this, before I will even let that enter my psyche.”

And the connection between Grace and Henry is stronger than most mother-son dynamics, Kidman points out.  “Her love for him is so profound,” she notes. “And you see it. They have a really strong bond. She never lies to him. Even when Grace comes home after having spent the night with Jonathan, she still does not lie to him.

“[She] will do everything to protect him,” Kidman continues. “There is nothing [she] would not sacrifice to protect him, which I think is a really strong thread throughout the whole series. And I’m sure many parents can relate.”

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