The Mandalorian Recap: The Threat of a 'New Era' Becomes Clearer

The Mandalorian Recap: Season 2 Episode 4

The Mandalorian this week reunited with some friends, while a forsaken enemy’s endgame started coming into focus.

With the Razor Crest in no condition to make it to Corvus (despite the best efforts of repairman-in-training Baby Yoda), Mando returned to Nevarro, where Greef Karga put his “best men” in charge of full repairs. Cara Dune, meanwhile, is the town marshal, and was reintroduced in the course of stopping some bandits from looting the old covert (while apparently making a new friend in a meerkat-like critter).

Greef and Cara reveal to Mando that the old cantina where the bounty hunters solicited their gigs is now a school, where a 3PO unit is teaching. Greef seats the Child at one of the desks, while they tend to adult things — but the kid proves to be far more interested in a classmate’s macaroon-like snacks than learning, eventually using the Force to lay claim to the treats.

In a back room, Greef reveals that Mythrol (Mando’s first capture in the pilot) is how handling his books as part of some sort of lifetime servitude. He and Cara then detail a problem with which they could use Mando’s help: a straggler Imperial base on the far side of Nevarro, populated by a “skeleton crew.” If they can take out this base, the planet will finally be safe and can become a major trade anchor. And if Phantom Menace taught us anything, trade routes are fascinating stuff.

Mando, Greef, Cara and Mythrol take a speeder to the Imperial base, which they quickly realize is much better manned than expected. Still, they set out to initiate a reactor explosion by flooding the coolant lines (or something). After setting the reaction in motion, they encounter a pair of officers who were frantically trying to purge some drives. Observing malformed bodies inside a series of nearby tanks, they realize it’s not any kind of military base but a lab. Mando & Co. cue up a recording of Dr. Pershing, who is seen updating Moff Gideon on test subjects “rejecting blood” and the need for a donor “with a higher M-count” since he was only able to “harvest a small amount of blood from the Child.” Though of course the best case, Pershing says, is if they regain access to that very special donor.

Realizing that Moff Gideon is in fact alive, Mando jets off to secure the Child, while the others make a run for it, appropriating an Imperial marauder hovercraft for their escape. With Greef manning the turret guns, they take out a number of troopers chasing them on speeder bikes. But when tie fighters take off from the base and give chase, Greef only manages to pick one off before things start to look bad for the heroes. Luckily, Mando in his shiny, new-ish Razor Crest shows up to deal with the rest, using some very nifty maneuvers to do so. (In fact, maybe his piloting was too wild, given that Baby Yoda wound up tossing his literally cookies.)

After Mando bids his friends adieu to continue his quest, we see Greef bluffing his way through a follow-up investigation by a rebel officer, who then goes on to invite Cara to join up (though she has no interest). “There’s something going on out here…,” the officer warns. “These aren’t isolated incidents.”

So what is going on? Cut to an Imperial cruiser, aboard which a comms officer learns that one of Greef’s repairmen planted a tracking device on the Razor Crest, as requested. She in turn assures the mole he will be “well rewarded in the New Era.” She walks down the hall and relays to Moff Gideon the good news, as well as the fact that the the Mandalorian still has “the asset.” He is pleased to hear that, announcing “we will be ready,” as we see he is inspecting racks and racks of black troopers.

What is Moff Gideon’s plan for the “New Era,” involving transfusions of blood with high Midichlorian counts (we presume) and these new troopers? 

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