HBO Max's I Hate Suzie: Grade It!

I Hate Suzie Series Premiere HBO Max

The series premiere of the British import I Hate Suzie confirms much of what we already know about modern-day technology: Cell phones can be a dangerous commodity… especially for celebrities.

Suzie Pickles, a former teen pop star whose fame has faded, has her life upended when she falls victim to a hacking that makes a rather compromising photo of hers go viral. Throughout the series (all eight episodes are now available to stream on HBO Max), she works through the various stages of grief, as her BFF-turned-manager Naomi helps her salvage what’s left of her career and marriage. But after a shocking secret is exposed, can Suzie ever recover? Read on for highlights from the premiere episode, “Shock.”

We meet Suzie minutes before her life implodes, as Naomi calls with some fantastic news: She landed a role in an upcoming Disney production! Suzie is elated as she delivers the news to her husband Cob and their young, deaf son, but her celebration is quickly toppled when she picks up her phone and finds herself in the middle of a scandalous controversy. Her intimate photos have been hacked and publicized. Let the sheer panic begin!

As she enters into a state of shock, her doorbell rings, and a team from Esquire shows up for a previously scheduled photo shoot. The crew makes quick work tearing her house apart, while Suzie’s stress level skyrockets. Naomi calls Suzie on Cob’s phone (which, of course, puts him on alert) to tell her she’s on her way.

Meanwhile, members of the crew start learning the news, and almost immediately, the room is abuzz with weird looks and hushed chattering. Cob finally confronts Suzie with the news, but she pretends she’s learning about it for the first time. She continues with the photo shoot despite her duress, as Cob works on getting the locks changed.

Naomi finally shows up as Suzie’s shoot spirals; the poor actress just can’t wipe the horrified look off her face. When the crew finally bails, Cob locks Suzie out, sans phone, and refuses to let her back in. Luckily, her son drops her phone out of a window, but the battery is dead. She walks through town looking for a charge, as she finally, truly unravels, shouting loudly about how much she hates her country town, only to then break out in song singing, “F–k this life!” (Yeeeah, it’s been a long day for Suz.)

At home, she finds Naomi sitting on the outside patio, who confirms for us that the man in the compromising photos is not Suzie’s husband. The manager gets the episode’s last lines: “Your highlights in the shot are gold, not blonde, so that’s only from about three months ago? It’s not your bedroom, I know that… And you just look really happy.”

So that’s why Cob is furious! What did you think of Suzie‘s premiere? Grade the episode below, then drop some comments!

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