Star Trek: Discovery Video: Tilly Has a Close Encounter With Grudge the Cat

Two Star Trek: Discovery fan favorites are about to collide… and honestly, we could watch the ensuing fireworks all day.

TVLine has an exclusive sneak peek at this Thursday’s episode (streaming on CBS All Access), which finds Tilly taking a few tentative steps into Burnham’s quarters to find… Book’s cat Grudge. She offers the cat a formal “hello” before picking her up and informing her that she’ll have to go back in her box. Tilly looks around for Burnham, too, and not seeing any sign of her, asks the massive feline: “Did you eat her?”

While Tilly does a scan for Book’s ship, Grudge playfully climbs over Tilly’s shoulder and down her back before darting underneath the bed. Tilly tries to coax her out and into the box, but Grudge doesn’t budge. (Any cat owner will recognize this routine.) “I don’t like you,” Tilly informs the cat before trying another tactic.

Elsewhere in Thursday’s episode, “after receiving a message from Book, Burnham and Georgiou embark on a rogue mission to find him, leaving Saru to pick up the pieces with Admiral Vance,” per the official description. “Meanwhile, Stamets forms an unexpected bond with Adira.”

Press PLAY above for an exclusive sneak peek at Tilly vs. Grudge, and then beam down to the comments and tell us: What do you think of Discovery Season 3 so far?

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