Chicago Fire Premiere Recap: Will an Accident End in Tragedy for [Spoiler]?

Chicago Fire Recap

Chicago Fire wasted no time welcoming its new paramedic into the fray with an intense call during Wednesday’s Season 9 premiere. Also, is it just us or is it hot in here… between Casey and Brett?

New recruit Gianna grew up on the same block as Cruz and has the kind of spirit that makes Boden think that she’ll fit right in. Right away, Gianna’s nerves are tested, as she and Brett are called to an OD victim, whose brother points a gun at them and exclaims, “If he dies, you die.” Gianna says Brett was cool as a cucumber during the incident, but Casey still checks in on her and offers to call Burgess to get an update from CPD on the gun-toting brother. After his sibling dies, Brett and Gianna both decline to take the ambulance out of service.

Later, Brett comes home to find her door ajar, and who does she call? I’ll give you one guess. Casey scopes out her place, but doesn’t find anyone inside her apartment. Still, “I’m staying — on the couch,” Casey declares. They spend the night playing Heads Up!, which allows Jesse Spencer to pull out a terrible fake Australian accent. Then there’s a pointed pause, and she thanks him again for staying with her.

But Gianna may have gotten more than she bargained for when she wanted a busy house: While she and Brett are driving to another call, the surviving brother rams their ambulance off the side of a bridge, and they crash into the pavement below.

Elsewhere in the episode:

Chicago Fire Spoilers* Gianna impresses the firehouse with her delicious turkey, Swiss and pear sandwiches. (OK, that does sound good.) When Gallo smiles a little too long at Gianna, Cruz gives him a talking-to.

* Stella is frustrated that the pandemic has stalled her Girls on Fire program, but she’s not giving up on it. “Do you know how proud I am of you?” Severide lovingly tells her. Stella then gets a win when Boden informs her that she has permission from the higher-ups to resume the program outdoors with a small group. Boden is impressed, especially since his own requests to get more than one person in the bullpen have been repeatedly denied. Then after Stella saves a trapped Severide during a dangerous fire, Boden suggests she take the lieutenant’s test in a few months so there will be more women of color in leadership roles at the CFD.

* Molly’s Patio is opening up soon, but nobody even knows about it, so Herrmann crafts a wacky PR plan: a treasure map poem leading to a free-drinks-for-life coupon. Ritter offers to help Mouch and Herrmann write the poem.

* Thanks to Brett, we find out Foster is, indeed, in med school and is volunteering at a COVID ward.

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