Have You Forgiven Baby Yoda Yet? Or Was His Egg-Gobbling Innocent? Vote!

Mandalorian 2x02 Baby Yoda Eats Eggs

The universally beloved Baby Yoda had some egg on his face coming out of the latest episode of The Mandalorian. Are you struggling to frogive his hungry, hungry snacking? Or have the Child’s critics been a tadpole harsh?

The second episode of the Disney+ hit, titled “The Passenger,” revolved around Mando giving the titular Frog Lady a ride to the estuary moon of Trask, where her husband is waiting to fertilize her cache of eggs. Both Peli Motto (as translator/broker) and later the Frog Lady herself (via a nifty tech hack) made clear to Mando that the biological clock was ticking, and that the eggs represented the last of her line.

Yet on no fewer than three occasions did we spy the Child snacking on the squishy spheres. First, once the Razor Crest was airborne (Mando reprimanded his wee ward,  “That is not food, do not do that again!”)… then after the crash-landing on the ice planet (“No! I told you not do do that!” echoed Mando)… and one final time, just before the credits rolled, as the kid popped an egg while his guardian and Frog Lady slept.

How disappointed and/or disgusted you are with Baby Yoda, who was effectively feeding his frog-loving appetite with potential genocide, depends on multiple factors. I for one do not hold the Child especially responsible. For one, we do not know that he understands either Frog language or English, and thus what the eggs represented. (Do those who have a special connection to The Force get a Duolingo download at birth?) And while some argue that Mando’s tone and body language conveyed the very wrongness of what the Child was doing, did the kid interpret it as “We don’t eat cake for breakfast!” bad, or “You’re extincting a species family line?” bad?

It can also be noted that, as became especially clear during Frog Lady’s hot spring bath, there were many eggs in that glass cask. What’s four or five fewer…?

Where do you currently stand on this first Baby Yoda backlash? Much ado about almost nothing? Or did his antics leave a bad taste in your mouth akin to a newborn Krykna?

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