Amazing Race Recap: Horsin' Around

Amazing Race Season 32 Episode 5 Michelle Victoria

On last week’s Amazing Race, a non-elimination leg saved Kaylynn and Haley from hopping a flight home, but on Wednesday’s Parisian portion of the journey, another two jet-setters weren’t as lucky.

As the contestants hustled from Paraguay to France, an artsy rendezvous and the season’s first self-drive claimed two victims, chopping the amount of teams from eight to seven. As it turned out, not even a bonus Speed Bump task could take down sisters Kaylynn and Haley. So what went down in Paris and who was eliminated from the race? Let’s take it from the top.

AND THEY’RE OFF | The leg’s first clue is located at Domaine de Chantilly, a château 30 miles outside the city. As the season’s first self-drive hits, which team has the inevitable stick-shift meltdown? It’s Will and James this go-around, as they struggle to even make it out of the parking garage. (Hellooo, karma!) Leo winds up helping them move their car, but only to get them out of the way; the dating couple’s stalled ride was blocking the entire exit ramp. After Leo pulls the guys’ car to the side, he runs back to meet Alana, and they (along with everybody else) leave Will and James in the dust.

ROADBLOCK | Riley and Maddison arrive to the mansion first, and the clue reads, “Who has an eye for art?” Riley steps up to the plate, where contestants must match a costumed party-goer with subjects found in paintings on the wall. The Route Info then directs them to a bakery where they must whip enough of Chantilly’s special cream to fill four pies. The volleyballers keep their lead, but Alana makes quick work of the art gallery scene, and she and Leo quickly catch up at the bakery.

Kaylynn and Haley are lost again, only this time, the fault is entirely their own. As the women drive around in confusion trying to find the château, Riley and Maddison deliver their finished products… and get pelted in the face with pies while doing so! Next up: They must return to the city to seek out their next clue. As the volleyballers head out, we’re treated to a joyous montage as the remaining players all enter the pie gauntlet, and seriously, it might be the most enjoyable bit from the season thus far.

ROADBLOCK | To receive another clue, teams must win three vintage carnival games dating back to the 19th century. While Maddison successfully knocks 10 cans off a ledge with a ball, he struggles with a very tricky horse-racing game where players must sink a ball into a numbered socket in order to move their horse toward the finish line. These games may look easy on TV, but they very well could wind up being someone’s worst Race nightmare.

Kaylynn and Haley finally arrive to the château, but must clean some horse-riding gear first for their Speed Bump. Luckily for the blondes, Aparna is doing a disastrous job matching up the party-goers to the paintings, but on her 16th try (!), she succeeds, leaving the speed-bumped sisters behind with their steeds.

PIT STOP | Maddison completes the carnival games, and the duo races to the leg’s final stop: Pont des Arts, a pedestrian bridge overlooking the Seine River. They finish first, winning a trip for two to Vietnam in the process. Hung and Chee finish second, while Leo and Alana place third.

Meanwhile, Haley destroys the artsy roadblock, while Michelle and Victoria spend more than six hours trying to find the location of the games. Ouch.

WHO WAS ELIMINATED? | Kaylynn and Haley are shocked to find out they didn’t come in last, just as Michelle and Victoria limp their way to the carnival games. But getting lost catches up with the latter pair of sisters, and Michelle and Victoria are eliminated from the race.

Were you expecting Kaylynn and Haley to get the axe? How would you have done on those carnival games? Tell us your thoughts in the Comments!

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