Superstore's America Ferrera Leaves the Door Open for Amy's Return: 'I Hope to Be Back... Before It's All Done'

Superstore - America Ferrera leaving, Amy moving to California in Season 5

It might be a while before we see Amy Sosa again, but we probably haven’t seen the last of America Ferrera on Superstore.

Just four days after her final episode aired on NBC, the network has released footage of Ferrera’s series wrap. In the video, we see her surrounded by her longtime costars — including Ben Feldman (Jonah), Lauren Ash (Dina), Colton Dunn (Garrett), Nico Santos (Mateo), Nichole Sakura (Cheyenne), Kaliko Kauahi (Sandra) and Mark McKinney (Glenn) — as she breaks into tears and gives an impromptu farewell speech. Towards the end, she hints at her potential return somewhere down the line, presumably in the series finale.

“The last five-plus years with this cast and crew have truly been so amazing,” she says. “It’s been such an anchor in my life — a place that I felt so supported and so loved by all of you. I feel like I have grown so much as a person, as a producer, as a director, as an actor… and coming here every single day has just been a gift, and I haven’t taken a moment of it for granted. I’m so grateful. Thank you to all of you, and I hope to be back, and to get to see you, before it’s all done.”

As for what any hypothetical return would mean for the series’ central couple, co-showrunner Gabe Miller recently told TVLine that Amy and Jonah’s breakup doesn’t necessarily mean it’s over between them — at least not for good.

“We feel like the door is still open the way that we left things,” he said. “By the end [of “California Part 2″], what [Amy and Jonah] realize is that they are making an adult decision. They’re not on the same page about their future right now, but who knows? They still could find their way back to each other.”

Press PLAY on the video below to watch Ferrera’s wrap speech, then hit the comments and tell us if you’d like to see Amy return (for Jonah, or just in general) before the series’ eventual end.

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