The Undoing Recap: What the Muck?

The Undoing Episode 3

Picking up in the immediate aftermath of Grace’s tearful 911 call, The Undoing‘s third episode opened with Jonathan’s handcuffed ass getting hauled back to Manhattan in an NYPD helicopter because not even philandering, possibly-murdering husbands should be made to endure the Belt Parkway during rush hour.

Detective Mendoza stays behind to do what he does best —torture/interrogate Grace even though it’s obvious to anyone with halfway decent vision that she was not aiding and abetting her husband. He also drops some more bad news on her lap: a DNA test has confirmed that Jonathan is the father of his deceased mistress Elena’s infant daughter. Good times.

Jonathan is quickly arraigned and his bail is set at $2 million, the latter of which he’s unable to post because he is essentially broke. His compromised financial decision also explains why he is forced to make due with a lame public defender who tells him outright, “I would be very surprised if you were innocent.”

Despite her father Franklin’s vehement objections, Grace visits Jonathan in the pokey in an effort to get “some semblance of the truth” out of him. At first, she’s unable to make eye contact with him, especially now that she knows his list of betrayals includes having “a f—king daughter” with the deceased. He once again maintains that he did not whack Elena and pleads with her to stand behind him. “You actually think that I’m going to help you?” she froths.

That evening she confesses to her pa during a game of chess that she is “open to the idea,” of Jonathan being innocent. Another indication that she’s warming to the prospect of her worse half being a horrible human but not a cold-blooded killer comes when she allows their son Henry to pay him a visit in jail. And she fully commits to being in his corner when she hires a high-powered, no-nonsense attorney by the name of Hayley Fitzgerald (played by Broadway powerhouse Noma Dumezweni) to represent him.

“I can win almost any case,” the legal dynamo confidently declares to Grace, before adding, “What I cannot do is wave a wand and make everything better… People hire me to create muck. [I] muck up the state’s case so they can’t meet their burden. That’s what I can give you… muck.” (This Just In: Muck is my new favorite word.)

Later that day, Grace is walking to her father’s apartment when Elena’s husband Fernando ambushes her. He’s mad and needs to vent and despite her better judgment — not to mention the fact that he is pushing a stroller that contains Jonathan and Elena’s love child — Grace agrees to hear him out.

“My son had cancer, I put him into your husband’s care. He f—ked my wife,” he unloads on her. “What kind of doctor does that?”

“What kind of mother ends up f—king her son’s oncologist?” Grace snaps back, officially out of mucks to give. “I’m under a lot of pressure right now. And I reached the point where I am not taking s–t from anyone.”

Grace immediately reports her run-in with Fernando to Mendoza, and demands to know if Elena’s widower has an alibi for the night his wife was murdered. “Have you categorically ruled this man out as a suspect?” she probes. “He had motive; he had opportunity; he had access.”

When she inquires whether any nearby security cameras captured Fernando — or anyone else, for that matter — near the scene of the crime on the night in question, Mendoza cryptically pulls out his laptop and queues up said footage as a weary Grace braces for yet another twist.

Mendoza presses play and we watch as the surveillance video shows a tall, statuesque, curly-haired woman crossing a street. “This is you,” Det. Nasty Pants smugly informs her. “You’re near the scene of the crime around the time Elena Alves was murdered.”

As director Susanne Bier zooms in on Nicole Kidman’s ricocheting retinas, the screen fades to black and we’re left to wonder if the who in the dunit is Grace.

What do you think? Weigh in with your theories (and overall thoughts on Episode 3) below!

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