SNL: Trump Sadly Sings 'Macho Man' After Losing Election — Watch Video

President Donald Trump sang a sad, sad swan song in the Saturday Night Live episode that aired barely 12 hours after Joe Biden (finally) won the election.

The cold open saw CNN’s Wolf Blitzer (played by Beck Bennett) — after he checked in on stump-fingered map-a-magician John King (Alex Moffat) — admit that more than wanting to see Biden and running mate Sen. Kamala Harris (Jim Carrey and Maya Rudolph) celebrate, people “also want to see Trump sad,” so he threw to what he eye-rolled would be POTUS’ “gracious and factual” concession speech.

“As anyone who died halfway through Tuesday knows, I was re-elected president of the United States,” started Alec Baldwin’s Trump, who then pointed to a map and boasted how red the states were… only to realize it was a COVID map.

Trump grumbled about how his electoral vote count kept getting whittled down “until there was only a widdle bit left,” and then left his podium to remind everyone “of who I really am.” And on that note, he sat at a piano —  visually  evoking Kate McKinnon-as-Hillary’s 2016 “Hallelujah” — and sang the Village People’s “Macho Man” He was barely to get through it, though, eventually warbling through choked-back tears, “I’ve got to be… a macho man.”

The CNN coverage then returned to Biden and Harris, who while trying to be gracious in victory, stated that in any election, “there has got to be a winner, and… a looooooser,” with Carrey lapsing into his Ace Ventura catchphrase. “A looo-ooo-ooo-ser!”

What did you think of (the college football-delayed) SNL‘s first cold open after the election results? Watch video above, then weigh in below.