Big Brother All-Stars Recap: Who Was Evicted Ahead of Finale Night?

Big Brother All-Stars

Heading into Thursday’s eviction episode, the Big Brother house seemed to be fresh out of holiday spirit.

After getting nominated for the third week in a row — and failing to win the crucial, final Power of Veto — Christmas spent much of this week in tears as her fate was left in other players’ hands. And Christmas’ fellow houseguests didn’t have a whole lotta patience for her emotional spiral (or for her re-enactment of her middle-school talent show performance), making these quiet days in the BB house even more uncomfortable.

All told, it seemed like a foregone conclusion that this week’s lone voter, Cody, would send Christmas to the jury house; she’s been itching to evict Cody for weeks, and their dynamic has only gotten more tense as the finale approaches. But Cody also had the chance on Thursday to evict Nicole, his season-long ally who’s getting dangerously close to becoming Big Brother‘s first-ever two-time champion. Read on for Cody’s decision, plus other highlights from the episode:

THE STRATEGY | As he’s been saying for days, Enzo would prefer that Christmas stay in the house, since he believes Christmas will take him to the Final Two, and that he could beat her in the finale. But despite his best efforts to convince Cody that Nicole is a big threat worth evicting this week, Cody doesn’t seem to have much interest in booting her — well, not initially, at least.

Later, though, Christmas — who feels that Enzo has now betrayed her for a third time by nominating her — goes for broke and tells Cody that if she stays in the house, she’ll take him to Final Two instead of Enzo, who’s burned her too many times to keep her loyalty.

Cody looks sufficiently intrigued by Christmas’ offer, so much so that when Nicole makes her own half-hearted pitch for Cody to keep her, she starts to panic when she realizes Cody could be legitimately entertaining the idea of saving Christmas. For his part, Cody admits the Nicole-versus-Christmas dilemma is an eerie mirror of that Big Brother 16 situation — you know the one! — when he infamously evicted Victoria, someone he could have easily beaten, in favor of keeping a real threat like Derrick.

Meanwhile, Memphis arrives at the jury house, much to the shock of his fellow jurors. After watching the way Memphis’ eviction unfolded, the jurors debate which houseguest most deserves the win at this point, and all signs seem to point to Cody. David, however, thinks Nicole could easily clinch the big win if she makes it to the Final Two, while Dani counters that Nicole’s status as a previous winner isn’t enough to earn her Dani’s vote just yet.

THE EVICTION | When it comes time for Cody to cast his vote, Nicole is chewing her fingernails so intensely, I’m actually starting to wonder if Cody will send Nicole out the door, after all. But even though Christmas gives it her best shot with her pre-vote speech — which, among other jabs, includes her telling Enzo that he’s only going to win third place (!) — Cody does ultimately choose to evict Christmas, bringing a long overdue end to this season’s holiday puns. And that is a Christmas miracle.

In her post-game interview, Christmas shares that she would have “most likely” followed through on her promise to take Cody to the end. Julie Chen Moonves seems a tad unconvinced that Christmas could have won against Cody, but Christmas is confident that she would have given any of her fellow houseguests a run for their money if she were sitting next to them on finale night, Cody included. (Uh… OK!)

THE HOH COMPETITION | The final Head of Household competition — traditionally broken into three separate parts — does not get underway during the live broadcast, in keeping with this season’s theme of leaving us hanging until Monday’s episode. But as they begin their final six days in the BB house, Cody, Enzo and Nicole each get video messages from their loved ones — and if your heart wasn’t warmed by Cody instantly bursting into tears at the sight of his girlfriend, I urge you to see a medical professional.

OK, your turn! Do you agree with Cody’s decision to boot Christmas? And who would you like to see win during next week’s finale? Drop a comment below!

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