The Amazing Race Recap: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

The Amazing Race Season 32 Episode 2

The Amazing Race may have just begun, but the pressure to win is higher than a highwire. Luckily for these clowns, they’re about to get some primetime practice at an actual circus, but more on that later.

Ten teams survived the journey through Trinidad and Tobago, and this week, the players are jet-setting southwest to Bogotá, Colombia. In this South American city, they’ll encounter the season’s first obstacle, the Yield, which gives one team the power to stop another duo’s race for a designated amount of time.

How will it affect the game as we barrel toward the second elimination? Read on for all of the highlights from Episode 2.

AND THEY’RE OFF… | All the racers hitch the same flight to Colombia, so it’s equal footing for everyone as they dive into their next adventure. The teams hop into cabs to head for the Nemocón Salt Mine, where they must search the underground tunnels for a 10-minute or 20-minute hourglass, which will give them the power to use the Yield at a later point. After finding an hourglass, teams must sign up for either a 6 am or 6:30 am departure time… but there are only five slots available for that earlier slot.

When the sun rises, they’re off to hunt for artifacts at the top of a bell tower. The first five teams form an alliance to help each other on this leg, but once the artifacts are found, the traffic heading downtown slows the teams to a crawl. Riley and Maddison are the first to deliver their relics and get their next clue. The Yield is just ahead at the next marker, but Gary and DeAngelo and Chee and Hung are not far behind.

ROAD BLOCK | Gary and DeAngelo arrive first, followed by Chee and Hung, and both teams decide not to use the yield. Immediately after, it’s off to the circus! Teams must participate in the wheel of death and also complete a highwire task while balancing a tray of wine glasses. Riley and Maddison also choose to not use the Yield, just as DeAngelo and Hung absolutely crush the Road Block and head off to find the next clue. Kaylynn and Haley and the Olympians are once again in the back of the pack.

The next task: Teams must decorate a truck (including installing a horn!) in order to receive the next clue. The decorations must identically match the example truck before them. Chee and Hung’s first attempt is wrong, while back at the circus, Alana drops her wine bottle on the highwire — nobody said the race was easy! While Alana preps for her second try on the wire, Jerry passes the wire challenge to get his clue, while Kaylynn and Haley decide not to Yield, but later regret it once they realize only one team is behind them. C’mon, people! We want to see some drama!

Chee and Hung complete their truck and take the lead once again… and now, it’s a race to the Pit Stop! Gary and DeAngelo quickly take off after them, looking to bridge the gap.

PIT STOP | The footballers can’t catch the parents, and Hung and Chee win the leg (again!) and a trip to Switzerland. It may only be Episode 2, but this duo seems like the team to beat.

Back at the truck, Will and James start to sweat, while Michelle and Victoria remain calm and collected. But it’s Riley and Maddison who complete the task to take third place; Eswar and Aparna, and Michelle and Victoria take fourth and fifth, respectively.

Will and James finally realize their error of neglecting the horn, and thanks to their loud cheering, Leo and Alana realize they made the same error… plus another! But they aren’t the only ones struggling to detail the truck properly. The question is: Who’s going to figure it out first?

WHO WAS ELIMINATED? | After the wires have been traversed and the trucks adorned, Kellie and LaVonne were the last ones to meet Phil at the finish. Thus, the Olympians were eliminated from the race.

Are you sad to say goodbye to Kellie and LaVonne? Who were you rooting for this week? Drop some comments below!

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