Transplant Sneak Peek: Bashir Comes Up Against a Racist Patient

As a Syrian refugee, Dr. Bashir Hamed has faced many obstacles on Transplant, including having to complete his residency all over again in Canada and not being able to retrieve his medical school records from his war-torn homeland. But in TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek from next Tuesday’s episode (NBC, 10/9c), Bashir is faced with a new kind of ugly challenge: a racist patient.

After inquiring about where Bashir is from, the sick man demands to see another doctor. A shocked Bashir leaves the room and asks Theo what he should do. “Memorial has a strict policy against racial discrimination,” Theo informs him. “So you can report it to your supervising doctor, and they’ll just have that handled.” But Bashir reveals that he doesn’t plan on filing a formal complaint, then asks Theo to tend to the patient when he’s urgently called away to a trauma.

Elsewhere in the episode, “Bash finds himself dealing with an unexpected turn of events that leaves him and his sister, Amira, in a precarious situation,” per the official synopsis. Plus, “Bashir and Mags team up to help a patient from overseas who has made a harrowing journey to Canada for personal reasons.”

Press PLAY above to watch the sneak peek, then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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