'Unrenewed' TV Shows: Stumptown, GLOW, Drunk History, Lois & Clark and 10 More Series With Reversed Renewals

Cancelled TV Shows

TV show cancellations are devastating enough on their own. But when a series has already been renewed, then gets unceremoniously axed? That’s eat-ice-cream-straight-outta-the-gallon levels of heartbreak.

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, one of the TV industry’s (many) new normals is a wave of reversed renewals: Several series that were already picked up for additional seasons have since been cancelled, given how the pandemic has affected their production schedules and budgets, among other factors.

In the last two months, seven shows — including Netflix’s GLOW, which was headed into its final season — have had their renewals unexpectedly rescinded, leaving both the fans and creative teams without closure. ABC’s Stumptown, truTV’s I’m Sorry and Showtime’s On Becoming a God in Central Florida are also among the unlucky projects… and we have a feeling they won’t be the only ones getting bad news before the pandemic is behind us.

Of course, reversed renewals happened long before 2020, and the attached photo gallery includes other series — like HBO’s Luck, HBO’s Vinyl and… HBO’s The Brink — that met similar fates in years past.

Which unexpected cancellation bums you out the most? Scroll through the attached gallery (or click here for direct access) to see all of the reversed renewals, then drop a comment with your thoughts.