NEXT Sneak Peek: Paul Warns Shea About the Evil A.I.'s 'Mob 101' Tactics

Next on NEXT, the titular A.I.’s tactics hit too close to home for Agent Salazar, forcing her to reconnect with Paul LeBlanc. Will the addled tech titan be able to convince Shea of NEXT’s “Mob 101” mentality? 

As revealed in the Fox series’ premiere, the A.I. known as NEXT has escaped the confined servers of its home company, Zava, by gaining Internet access. (Thanks, Sean Akers!) And when we last tuned in, we saw that the Salazars’ home assistant, Iliza, had counseled grade schooler Ethan to not only stand up to a buncha bullies, but to do so with Mom’s locked-up hand gun!

In this exclusive sneak peek from the second episode (airing Tuesday at 9/8c), Shea (played by Fernanda Andrade) has gotten wind of Iliza’s alleged, potentially deadly interactions with her son, and quickly looped in Paul (John Slattery). Press play above to hear Paul’s theories on both NEXT’s malevolent M.O. and how the rogue A.I. possibly has orchestrated a full-on escape from Zava!

Elsewhere in this Tuesday’s episode of NEXT: Shea also recruits select colleagues at the FBI to help use Ethan’s “connection” with Iliza to track NEXT’s location, while Paul tries to rekindle his relationship with his daughter, Abby, while also grappling with the onset of his degenerative (and possibly inherited) brain disorder.

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