'Supernatural' Finale Week

Supernatural Video: Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki Preview the Final Episodes' Nods to the Past — Watch

Supernatural is going back to its roots as the show’s end nears. When the CW drama returns for its final seven episodes on Thursday, Oct. 8 (at 8/7c), the Winchesters will be going up against their most powerful foe yet: a nefarious God. As they fight for the future of humanity, the brothers will also be harkening back to their past.

In the last three or four installments building up to the series finale (airing Nov. 19), viewers will “get to see Sam and Dean more similar to the pilot than we have since the pilot,” star Jared Padalecki shares with TVLine in the above video interview.

“We get to see a show about Sam and Dean, at least for a little bit,” Padalecki adds. “We get to see Sam and Dean being Sam and Dean, the way they began, to some degree.”

Fans should also keep their eyes and ears peeled for “a lot of little nods and little Easter eggs that are filtered in throughout the last couple of episodes that are attributed to episodes that were very early in the series,” leading man Jensen Ackles notes.

In the meantime, Dean and Sam are facing quite an uphill battle in their fight against God, and it will take an emotional toll on them. “They’re motivated to fight,” Ackles previews. “[But] then as the weight of what they’re facing starts to set in, and they realize that this may be a lost cause, there’s some, I would say, more of a dejected side of the Winchesters than we’ve seen in a long time.”

Press PLAY above to hear more from Padalecki and Ackles, and to see their reactions to Gym Teacher Dean Doll vs. Sam Figurine. (We promise it’ll make sense when you watch.) And stay tuned to TVLine for the rest of our Supernatural chat!