Big Brother All-Stars Recap: Which Ex-Committee Member Got the Boot?

Big Brother All-Stars

After playing it safe for two months straight, the Big Brother All-Stars had a chance on Thursday to — as Enzo might say — make a move, yo.

Following their attempt to oust Nicole during last week’s triple eviction, Tyler and Christmas found themselves on the chopping block, with Christmas initially pulling ahead as Head of Household Cody’s main target. But after Cody won the Power of Veto and kept his nominations intact, a tempting opportunity arose to instead get rid of Tyler: a former runner-up (who very nearly won BB20), a major competitive threat and a potentially unbeatable player in any Final Two configuration.

But did Tyler’s fellow houseguests seize the chance to evict him? Or did they boot Christmas instead? Read on for the episode highlights:

THE STRATEGY | Even though Tyler and Christmas are the ones at risk of eviction, much of Thursday’s pre-taped footage is dedicated to… Memphis. Since he has a Wise Guys alliance with Christmas and Enzo, Memphis wants Christmas to stay this week, but he doesn’t want Cody to know that he wants Christmas to stay. But Cody’s already aware of the second Wise Guys alliance, and he knows he can’t trust anything Memphis says; later, Cody and Enzo stress out about Memphis potentially turning on them if Christmas stays in the house, and they seem to strongly consider evicting her over Tyler.

Meanwhile, we check in with the jury house for the first time, and it’s a real downer! Ian is bummed to see Da’Vonne arrive, they’re both bummed to see Kevin show up, and then they’re all bummed to see David and Dani walk in just moments later. (Well, Ian’s probably OK with Dani’s game getting cut short, considering how they left things.) Perhaps no one is more frustrated than Dani, though, who admits she’s been crying quite a bit since her eviction, and she feels more betrayed now than she ever has on Big Brother. (That said, she doesn’t seem to hold it against Cody, who would likely still get her vote if he makes it to the end.)

THE EVICTION | When it comes time for the vote, Julie Chen Moonves tries to assure us “it’s anyone’s guess” who will get eliminated… but just like every other eviction this season, it’s very much a done deal. Tyler is evicted by a vote of 3-0, and he’s in good spirits about it: “Well, it was worth a shot!” he laughs, referencing his pre-eviction speech in which he tried to convince the houseguests that keeping Christmas would be bad for their games. But later, with Julie, he admits that his fellow players “for sure” made the right move by knocking him out of the game.

THE HOH COMPETITION | Continuing this season’s trend of incomplete HOH competitions, here’s another one that extends past the broadcast’s runtime. Each player has a basket full of differently sized pumpkins — well, differently sized kickballs with pumpkin faces on them — and must walk the pumpkins one at a time across a precarious seesaw, setting them in the wicker basket at the other end.

But if any pumpkins fall out of the basket, or a houseguest falls off the seesaw, they must put all their pumpkins back in the bin and start from scratch. “This is going to be hard,” Christmas comments as the competition gets underway… and with everyone struggling to keep even a single pumpkin balanced in that wicker basket as the episode ends, I’d say she’s right.

Your turn! How do you feel about Tyler’s eviction? And who do you want to see win Head of Household? Tell us in the comments below!

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