Walking Dead's Maggie Is In for a Shock in Season 10's Bonus Episodes: 'A Lot Has Changed Since She's Been Gone'

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Prior to Lauren Cohan’s triumphant return in the Season 10 “fauxnale” of The Walking Dead, her beloved Maggie had been away for a season and three quarters — or six-ish years in screen time. “A lot has changed since she’s been gone,” notes showrunner Angela Kang. For starters, Negan — the so-called Savior who bludgeoned Maggie’s husband to death before her eyes — has been sprung from prison. If that isn’t a “Come again?” revelation, we don’t know what is.

So in Season 10’s half-dozen bonus episodes, hopefully airing in early 2021, “there is a lot of rich material to be mined from not only Maggie dealing with [Glenn’s killer], who is out free, but her dealing with the fact that her friends are now just sort of accepting that he’s one of them,” Kang previews. “Those are conversations that we’re having right now [among the writers]: How does she deal with the fact that only is Negan not behind bars, but he seems to be palling around with everybody?

“It’s interesting stuff,” she continues. “What does that mean when these two mortal enemies have to share the same space? How does he navigate where he wants to be as part of the community?”

Especially since, although Negan has finally shown a redeeming quality or two, he isn’t exactly a squeaky-clean Mr. Nice Guy, either. “We’ve seen how, like with the Whisperers, there were times when he really enjoyed that he could be, like, the hand of the queen in some ways,” observes Kang. “So there’s a lot of potential for his character going forward. He has these sort of dark spots whereas Rick was always struggling for the light at all times.”

Any way you slice it, Negan’s “still somebody who is very compelling and becomes a key piece of this group,” she concludes. “And it’s always good to have a wildcard in the mix.”

What do you think, Dead-heads? Do you believe that Maggie can coexist with Glenn’s murderer? Are you hoping she’ll do what she didn’t when last they crossed paths? Hit the comments.