Big Brother All-Stars Recap: Who Got Evicted? And Which Alum Returned?

Big Brother All-Stars

Another week has passed in Big Brother‘s latest All-Stars season, and things are starting to feel very Groundhog Day in that house.

Just as “I Got You Babe” would inevitably blare from Bill Murray’s alarm clock at 6 am, the Committee alliance predictably stayed in power for another week, all but ensuring the exit of another underdog. And despite Head of Household Memphis’ initial plan to backdoor David — for… reasons? That Memphis seemed to think made sense? — it was Kevin and Da’Vonne who went up on the block, then remained there after Tyler chose not to use the Power of Veto.

But which houseguest went to join Ian at the jury house? And which Big Brother veteran returned to introduce a new twist? Read on for the highlights of Thursday’s episode:

THE STRATEGY | Following the veto ceremony, Da’Vonne tells Dani and Kevin that she has no interest in campaigning for votes, particularly the votes of Tyler, Cody and Enzo. But her resignation is less because she assumes she’ll get evicted, and more because this All-Stars season has prompted her to stay silent in situations where she would normally speak up — and she’s tired of concealing her real personality for a shot at the prize money.

“I literally hide my voice,” Da’Vonne says through tears in the Diary Room. “The very thing that I’ve encouraged people to do — I come in here and do the opposite. And I feel so bad about it. I’m just tired.” (And even though Dani wants Da’Vonne to stay over Kevin, she seems to understand the Committee won’t go for that plan.)

Elsewhere in the episode’s pre-taped segments: Kevin tries to convince Da’Vonne that Nicole was the flipped vote to evict Ian (but Da’Vonne remains skeptical… and Nicole lies to her face about it once again); Memphis and Enzo concoct a long-term scheme to create two separate Final Three alliances — one with Cody, one with Christmas — both of which are called The Wise Guys; and after realizing that Dani wants Da’Vonne to survive eviction, Christmas enlists David as an ally by offering him safety and confirming that Nicole was last week’s flipped vote.

THE EVICTION | Before the votes are cast, Da’Vonne delivers a speech that can only be described as iconic, reminding her fellow players of her intention to become Big Brother‘s first-ever Black winner. But because this season is the worst, Da’Vonne’s fellow houseguests all listen to her speech with looks of admiration on their faces… before evicting her by a vote of 5-2.

Interestingly, both Nicole and Dani break away from the Committee on this vote and decide to keep Da’Vonne, though it seems like they planned that well before Da’Vonne delivered her persuasive parting words. Then, in Da’Vonne’s post-game interview with Julie Chen Moonves, she finally learns that Nicole indeed voted to evict Ian instead of Tyler last week. From a game standpoint, she says she’s not bothered by the betrayal — but she is frustrated on a personal level, since Nicole knew that Da’Vonne didn’t want to accuse a fellow Black contestant of being a liar on national television, if David was indeed telling the truth.

THE TWIST | As for that long-teased return of a Big Brother legend? It’s Will Kirby, winner of Season 2 and possibly the best to ever play the game. (If only he were moving into the actual house, and not the neighbors’ pad, to show these contestants how it’s done.)

Will informs the houseguests that the upcoming Head of Household and Power of Veto competitions will tempt them to choose between playing for power and playing for prizes. But that’s not the biggest piece of news delivered before the hour’s up: Though the houseguests don’t know it yet, next Thursday’s episode will be a two-hour triple eviction. (!!!) For now, though, we’ll have to wait until Sunday to meet the new Head of Household, which could very well be Memphis if Dani uses her Replay power on him. Dani, I beg of you: Don’t!

Your turn! How do you feel about Da’Vonne’s eviction? And who do you want to win the Head of Household competition? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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