DC's Stargirl Boss: [Spoiler] Isn't Gone Just Yet — Plus, More Season 2 Scoop

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Stargirl creator and series EP Geoff Johns used an appearance at the DC FanDome virtual event to tease one “big” return, plus some DC character debuts.

In a light and lively Q&A moderated by actress/DC’s Stargirl director Lea Thompson and featuring cast members Brec Bassinger, Amy Smart, Yvette Monreal, Anjelika Washington and Cameron Gellman, Johns responded to much raving about the season finale’s epic group fight — which included Hourman sparing Solomon Grundy’s life — by saying, “I’m excited for people to see more of Grundy. He’s not gone just yet. [There’s a] cool story idea for Grundy coming up.”

Amid all the Grundy talk, Gellman, who plays Rick/Hourman, shared how for his fight scene opposite a to-be-CGI’d monstrosity, he had to straddle a big “green pickle” that had a sad face scribbled on it.

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Among other teases, Johns affirmed that the DC villain Eclipso, as suggested by Shiv hunting down a Heart of Darkness diamond shard, would be “very important” in Season 2 . Then, in response to a fan question, Johns hinted, “There’s always a chance” for Beth to team up with an owl, as as Dr. Mid-Nite does in DC lore. “We will definitely be talking about Hootie at some point,” he said.

Johns promised more rivalry between Courtney/Stargirl and Cindy/Shiv, and also said that the pink pen Courtney grabbed from the OG JSA HQ — presumably Yz aka Johnny/Jakeem Thunder’s Thunderbolt — and casually plopped onto her bedroom desk will get further screen time, once the show does justice to the heroes already in the mix.

“We do have so many other things to explore with these characters, and other avenues and other characters to meet and introduce, we’ll do it the best we can and we’ll do it at our own pace,” he said. “But we’ll definitely be playing with things like the pink pen in Season 2.”

DC’s Stargirl‘s complete DC FanDome panel is streaming on demand through Sunday, Sept. 13 at 1 pm ET.

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