Big Brother All-Stars Recap: Did the Right Houseguest Go Home in Week 5?

Big Brother All-Stars

Eviction Day has come around once again in the Big Brother house, concluding yet another week in which Season 22 could have gotten extremely interesting… only for nothing to change when all was said and done.

We’ve seen these glimmers of hope a few times since the All-Stars moved in: Ooh, maybe Enzo will backdoor Daniele! (He didn’t.) Ooh, maybe the house is voting to keep Janelle, after all! (It wasn’t.) And most recently, ooh, will Tyler end his own game in order to spare Bayleigh or Da’Vonne? Despite the hype, he very much won’t.

That left both Bayleigh and Da’Vonne — one of the house’s most inseparable duos — at risk of eviction on Thursday, as the Committee alliance wrapped up another week of power. But which All-Star ultimately left the game? Read on for the highlights of the episode:

THE STRATEGY | Following the veto meeting, Bayleigh is completely devastated, seeing as Da’Vonne is only on the block because Bayleigh named her as her “untouchable.” Da’Vonne tries to keep Bayleigh’s spirits up, then Christmas attempts to do the same for Da’Vonne later, but Da’Vonne isn’t interested. “She is so stupid,” Da’Vonne whispers to herself after Christmas leaves the room — but this is only a warm-up act for the real fireworks show coming later.

(But first, part of the episode is dedicated to Cody, who tragically lost his grandfather to cancer earlier this week. It’s a heavy, emotional segment, but accidental levity comes in the form of Nicole, who looks hilariously absurd as she comes to console Cody while wearing that cereal get-up. Thanks for that, Nicole.)

Later, Da’Vonne feels irked on Bayleigh’s behalf; the way she sees it, Bayleigh has every right to be bummed about remaining on the block, and Christmas’ impatience with Bayleigh’s emotional funk isn’t sitting right with Da’Vonne. But their conversation soon becomes a debate over the phrase “personal game information,” which is how Da’Vonne would categorize Bayleigh and Christmas’ discussion of “untouchables.” But Christmas doesn’t think there is such a thing as “personal game information”; it’s either personal, or it’s game-related, but it’s not both.

Da’Vonne eventually goes out to the backyard, frustrated to the point of tears that Christmas can get heated without any repercussions, but if Da’Vonne were to get angry, she’d be portrayed in a much different light. (“No, it’s being viewed the same way,” Tyler chimes in, surely with the best of intentions… but maybe he doesn’t need to contribute to this particular conversation.)

Then, Bayleigh tries to talk it out with Christmas, which ends with Christmas angrily walking upstairs and punctuating her words with very. loud. claps. She returns to the kitchen eventually, but her final words of the night toward Da’Vonne and Bayleigh still aren’t pleasant. While I try to think of a good holiday-related pun that the show hasn’t already used to discuss Christmas, enjoy Erica Thompson’s excellent thoughts on Big Brother, Survivor and the disappointing ways in which both shows have handled racism.

THE EVICTION | This week’s pre-eviction speeches are decidedly less dramatic than last week’s: There’s a lot of love and admiration in the room, and Da’Vonne and Bayleigh clearly don’t want to campaign against each other. Then, by a vote of 9-0, Bayleigh is ousted. She tells Julie Chen Moonves that she left the house on good terms with everyone — including Tyler! — and reveals that she participated in this season so that she wouldn’t be defined by her emotional moments in Season 20. Bayleigh, you’re too good for that house anyway.

THE HOH COMPETITION | Next up, it’s the Head of Household competition — and this time, it’s an endurance challenge. Houseguests must stand up flat against a giant movie billboard, with only a few handholds available to keep them in position; the last person standing will be crowned Head of Household, while the first three houseguests to fall will be Have-Nots for the week. By the end of the broadcast, no one has fallen just yet… but that billboard keeps getting tilted very far forward, and exactly no one is having a good time.

OK, your turn! How do you feel about Bayleigh’s eviction? And who do you want to see as Head of Household? Tell us in the comments below!

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