Big Brother All-Stars Recap: Did the Right Houseguest Go Home in Week 4?

Big Brother All-Stars

Another week in the Big Brother house has come and gone, and this might shock you: It was a bad week for Kaysar. (Typed through a gigantic yawn as this snooze of a season rolls on.)

Enzo was the third Head of Household this summer to have his eye on ousting Kaysar, and with Janelle no longer in the picture, Kaysar’s eviction has become increasingly likely throughout the week.

But was Kaysar indeed the one slapping on a face mask and exiting the Big Brother house on Thursday? Or was it Christmas, an ally of Enzo’s who volunteered herself as a pawn for nomination? Read on for the highlights of the episode:

THE STRATEGY | Despite the fact that Daniele isn’t up for eviction — even though she could have been, Enzo! — much of Thursday’s pre-recorded footage is dedicated to her shady gameplay. First, Cody decides to come clean to Enzo about the existence of the Committee alliance, which includes Dani (and Enzo doesn’t seem to mind, seeing as he’s in 42 alliances of his own).

But Tyler then goes to Bayleigh and informs her that Dani is pitting the house against Bayleigh and Da’Vonne; later, he goes to Da’Vonne and tells her the same thing, prompting Da’Vonne to want Dani out immediately. In the end, Enzo, Tyler and Cody are in the HOH room, discussing how little Dani can be trusted… all of which means absolutely nothing for this particular eviction!

Meanwhile, Ian starts to piece together the inner workings of the house, finally identifying Cody and Nicole as part of a core group that’s running the show. He chats about his suspicions with Bayleigh, who adds Dani as a possible member of the core — and, of course, they’re correct on all counts. There’s not much Ian can do this week with his new revelations, but he does hint that he’ll distance himself from Nicole moving forward, now that he assumes she’s not to be trusted.

THE EVICTION | But it’s Kaysar and Christmas who are actually at risk of leaving the house this time — and Christmas, quite confident that she’s going to stay, delivers a pre-vote speech in the form of a bizarre poem. It’s… really something! Kaysar, meanwhile, takes his last moments in the house to call out his fellow All-Stars’ many side alliances. Most of them are only half-correct, but it’s all worth it for the flabbergasted look on Cody’s face. Unsurprisingly, Kaysar is then evicted by a vote of 10-0, with Dani calling his speech “disrespectful and tasteless” in the Diary Room.

In his post-game interview with Julie, Kaysar admits he wasn’t expecting to gain any votes from his speech, but he wanted to mix things up before he left. But a few seconds later, he deflates once again as he learns Memphis and Christmas are also part of The Committee, which he never seemed to suspect. Oh, Kaysar. Sweet, naive Kaysar.

THE HOH COMPETITION | Then, it’s time for the Head of Household competition, for all except Enzo. This time, it’s a knockout-style competition, where houseguests pair off to answer trivia questions, and only the person who answers correctly (or doesn’t answer incorrectly, at the very least) moves on to the next round.

Slowly but surely, the members of The Committee and the Slick Six have to take each other out of the competition, until it’s only Da’Vonne and Christmas left standing. But Da’Vonne rings in quickly on the final question and gets it wrong, making Christmas the new Head of Household by default. And just when it looked like things would actually get interesting for a minute! (At least we’re about to get a new twist, the BB Basement, which features a competition that will award three brand-new, potentially game-changing powers.)

With that, I hand it over to you. How do you feel about Kaysar’s eviction? And what would you like to see from Christmas’ Head of Household reign? Hit the comments!

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