Arrowverse... or 'The CWverse'? Promo Attempts Name Change We Will Ignore

The CW seemingly is looking to rename the Arrowverse aka its slate of DC superhero shows. And though we planned to simply ignore the effort, Stephen Amell himself has now weighed in. So here we are.

A promo released on Tuesday afternoon acknowledges up front that “FROM ONE HERO… AN ENTIRE UNIVERSE… WAS BORN” — referring to Green Arrow’s eponymous series and the half-dozen DC comic dramas that it has sired in the years since: The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning, Batwoman and, as hyped in the final seconds, incoming freshman Superman & Lois (premiering in 2021).

That “entire universe,” the promo suggests, is now known as… The CWverse. Apparently? Update: It has come to my attention that “CWverse” was first trotted out over a year ago, in this promo.

Ever since Arrow‘s end date was announced (the series finale aired Jan. 28), there has been casual, Internetty speculation about whether the “Arrowverse” name would stick. (“Why name the roster of current shows after the expired one?” someone surely mused.)

I, for one, never considered budging from the Arrowverse name, deeming it 100-percent and forever accurate in giving credit to the flagship series that spun off the others. But The CW (or at least Lenny in marketing) appears to have arrived at a different POV — possibly because of Arrow‘s now-defunct status, or because Season 2 of DC’s Stargirl will be a CW exclusive, and that show is not even an indirect spinoff, yet is, as I put it, “Arrowverse-adjacent.” (Arrow‘s series finale indicated that DC series such as Stargirl, Titans and Doom Patrol take place on other Earths in the new, Spectre-sired multiverse. It’s complicated.)

Arrow vet Stephen Amell caught wind of the otherwise negligible hullabaloo, and on Wednesday morning offered his extremely qualified viewpoint in the form of a third option:

Though “Berlantiverse” suggests that Everwood‘s Andy Brown might show up in Central City someday.

What say you, fans of Flash, Supergirl et al? Arrowverse now and forever?

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