NOS4A2 Cancelled after 2 Seasons

NOS4A2 Cancelled

AMC has said Manx, but no Manx, to a third season of NOS4A2.

Showrunner Jami O’Brien shared the sad news on Monday via Twitter, saying, “Well friends, I heard from AMC …. We won’t be making a 3rd season of #NOS4A2. It’s a bummer, but I’m grateful we were at least able to finish adapting the storyline from Joe Hill’s terrific novel.”

“Christmasland may live forever, but NOS4A2 will come to an end with the conclusion of Season 2,” AMC affirmed in a statement. “We are so thankful to Jami O’Brien, Joe Hill and the entire cast and crew for two seasons of inspired, terrifying and thoroughly captivating and age-defying television. And thanks to the fans for climbing into the Wraith and coming along for the ride.”

Based on Hill’s 2013 novel of the same name, NOS4A2 followed Victoria “Vic” McQueen (played by Ashleigh Cummings), a working-class artist who discovers that she has a supernatural ability to track Charlie Manx (Zachary Quinto), a seemingly immortal being who feeds off the souls of children and then deposits what remains of them into Christmasland — a twisted Christmas Village of his own imagination.

Across its 10-episode second season, NOS4A2 averaged 378,000 total viewers and a 0.10 demo rating on AMC (in Live+Same Day numbers), and a half of half of a fraction of that via its BBC America simulcast. That’s down a full half from its freshman run.

TVLine’s Cable Renewal/Cancellation Scorecard has thusly been updated.

“CONGRATULATIONS to every single member of our phenomenal team on two seasons of weird and wonderful TV,” O’Brien continued in a series of tweets. “I will miss seeing everyone back in Little Rhody this year, but I’m awfully proud of all we’ve done together.

“THANK YOU to @joe_hill for all your generosity, imagination, and support, and for trusting us with Vic and Charlie, Maggie, Bing, Linda, Chris, Lou, Tabitha, Wayne, Millie, and all your flawed, complicated, and beautiful characters,” O’Brien added. “And THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to everyone who tuned in — especially to those who tweeted along with us each week — you made Sunday nights a lot of fun. Hope to do it again with you all somewhere down the road… xoxoxo”

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