Canada's Drag Race: Top 3 Ru-vealed! Which Queens Are Going to the Finale?

Canada's Drag Race Spoilers

Friendly warning: We’re about to spoil Thursday’s episode of Canada’s Drag Race. If you haven’t watched, sashay over to WOW Presents Plus. Then we’ll talk.

From Season 12 and All Stars 5 to Vegas Revue and that “secret” celebrity edition, the Drag Race franchise has been a consistent bright spot in these trying quaran-times. But the competition’s first-ever Canadian adaptation has proven to be a particularly unexpected delight, and after spending just 10 weeks up north, we’re not ready for the race to end.

Unfortunately, that’s the reality we must face now that the final three Canada’s Drag Race contestants have been unveiled. Thursday’s episode, which welcomed RuPaul’s best Judy Michelle Visage as its extra special guest host, tasked the four remaining queens — Jimbo, Priyanka, Rita Baga and Scarlett BoBo — with performing over-the-top renditions of “O Canada,” then rocking three back-to-back looks on the runway.

And no one can say that the queens didn’t absolutely turn it out at the Snow Ball. Priyanka’s tacky Christmas tree jacket was perfect for the Executive Holiday Party Realness category, Rita Baga’s Apres the Apres Ski look was hailed as “performance art,” and we genuinely believe that all of the ladies’ Ice Queen Eleganza gowns would earn Elsa’s seal of approval (though she’d probably politely pass on Jimbo’s giant, wobbly headpiece).

As the winner of this week’s challenge, Scarlett BoBo was the first queen sent through to next week’s finale, with a “safe” Priyanka following closely behind. (“I made it to the finale? We f–ing did it, bitch!”)

This left Jimbo and Rita to lip sync for the final spot, facing off to the tune of Tegan and Sara’s “Closer.” Neither of the queens’ outfits lent themselves to flexible dancing, but Rita was clever enough to remove a pair of scissors from her cleavage, which she used to free her legs; the image of Rita dragging her butt along the runway like a dog on a carpet will stay with us for a long time.

When the dust settled, Jimbo was tragically sent packing (“Whyyyy?!”), revealing the first-ever Top 3 of Canada’s Drag Race: Scarlett BoBo, Priyanka and Rita Baga.

Which queen will you root for at next week’s finale? And how do you feel about Jimbo’s elimination? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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