Big Brother All-Stars Recap: Which Franchise Vet Was Evicted in Week 3?

Big Brother All Stars Janelle Kaysar

The Big Brother fandom seemed to heave a collective sigh of frustration this week, as fan favorites Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha were unable to avoid nomination.

With Tyler in power as the newest Head of Household (and his six-person alliance, The Committee, very much dominating the game), Janelle and Kaysar became the obvious targets, and neither of them could compete in the Safety Suite after swiping their VIP cards two weeks ago. They both went up on the block, they both fell short of winning the Power of Veto… and on Thursday, fans of BB6 and BB7 watched history repeat itself as the pair faced eviction yet again.

But which half of this two-person alliance walked out the door first? Read on for the highlights of Thursday’s episode:

THE STRATEGY | The veto ceremony has barely ended, and Tyler already seems to regret nominating Janelle and Kaysar as a pair, given that either person’s eviction will only bump Tyler higher on the list of this summer’s big targets. But the damage of Tyler’s HOH reign is already done, and both Janelle and Kaysar are left to rally votes for themselves.

To Janelle’s credit, she campaigns relentlessly, attempting to convince members of The Committee (and others) that she’d remain a huge threat if she stays in the house and could take the attention off other big fish. But even though she has support from Bayleigh, Da’Vonne and Kevin, Janelle really needs the votes of power players like Cody, Daniele and Enzo — and Daniele, at least, seems mighty reluctant to keep Janelle around. And though Janelle tries to persuade Cody to flip, assuring him that she’d keep him off the block if she wins Head of Household, it’s unclear if Cody and his alliance are buying what Janelle’s attempting to sell.

Meanwhile, David — whose strategy this summer can only be described as “questionable” — gets into hot water with Tyler after accidentally (?) throwing Tyler and Cody under the bus to Da’Vonne and Bayleigh. David seems appropriately remorseful for selling out one of his closest allies, but Tyler doesn’t hesitate to tell David that his gameplay is “sloppy.” What’s more, in the Diary Room, Tyler continues to question whether evicting Janelle is the right move, seeing as Janelle’s absence would make Tyler the No. 1 target in the wake of David’s rookie mistake.

THE EVICTION | But after multiple days of hopeful campaigning, it’s time for the votes — and Daniele, who has been aglow all week at the idea of evicting Janelle, suddenly decides to vote out Kaysar when the time comes. (Even Julie Chen Moonves is shook.)

Unfortunately, Dani’s change of heart doesn’t indicate that the whole house has flipped: She and Enzo are the only ones who vote to evict Kaysar, and Janelle is ousted in a 9-2 vote. When she’s asked to name the houseguests who voted to keep her, Janelle immediately suggests Bayleigh and Da’Vonne, followed by Memphis and Kevin, and she’s stunned to learn it was really Daniele and Enzo (also known as “the New Jersey guy”). She’s also stunned to discover that Memphis and Christmas are part of The Committee with Cody, Nicole, Tyler and Dani, and Kaysar’s goodbye message — in which he promises to take down the alliance that got rid of Janelle — only makes her more bummed, seeing as Kaysar has no idea that Memphis can’t be trusted.

THE HOH COMPETITION | Lastly, it’s time for the Head of Household competition, for everyone except Tyler. This week, it’s a competition that extends past the live broadcast’s end time, in which houseguests must roll three balls up a ramp and sink them into three holes at the ramp’s center. But it’s much more complicated than it looks, and all of the houseguests are still fighting for a win by the time the episode ends.

Your turn, Big Brother fans! Were you bummed to see Janelle get evicted so soon? And who do you want to win the Head of Household competition? Tell us in the comments below!

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