Julie and the Phantoms Trailer: A Shy Teen Makes Sweet Music With a Band of Cute Ghosts in New Netflix Musical

How do you rediscover a lost passion for music? Sometimes it helps to get a hand from the great beyond.

Netflix has released the official trailer for the musical series Julie and the Phantoms — which you can watch above — starring newcomer Madison Reyes as high schooler Julie, who’s stuck in a creative funk following the death of her mother. But inspiration comes from above… literally, from her attic, where the ghosts of three dead musicians from the ’90s suddenly materialize. Soon, they’re rehearsing in her mom’s old studio, and they have an idea: “With a new lead singer, this band would be legendary.”

The boys and Julie start performing together — while the ghosts perform, people can see them, but once they finish, they vanish — and they help Julie come out of her shell. (Plus, she and Luke the cute guitarist seem to have a thing going, don’t they?) But the boys have a mission of their own: They have to wrap up their unfinished business on Earth before they can cross over… and hey, there’s Cheyenne Jackson as an unscrupulous music promoter who might also be the devil!

Julie and the Phantoms (directed and produced by High School Musical‘s Kenny Ortega) premieres Friday, Sept. 10 on Netflix. Press PLAY above for a sneak peek, and hit the comments to tell us if it struck a chord with you.

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