The Flash Season 7 Trailer Teases an Untimely Power Outage for Barry and Mirrorverse Madness for Iris

The Flash‘s Season 7 trailer reveals that Barry’s imminent power outage has come at a very bad time, while Iris’ entrapment inside the mirror realm may cost her her mind.

Revealed at DC FanDome on Saturday, the two-minute sizzle reel showed Iris being haunted inside the mirror realm by a doppelganger of sorts which described itself as “a product of your broken mind.”

“No one is coming to save you,” the entity informed Iris, explaining that the heroine’s only choices were “survival… or madness.”

Elsewhere in the trailer, Eva — newly freed of the mirror realm, when last we tuned in — has “unfinished business and a whole world to liberate,” while Barry and Joe realize that The Flash doesn’t have enough speed left to rescue the passengers of a crashing jet. Also, the metavillain Top (returning guest star Ashley Rickards) is seen wickedly nudging Cecile to explore her own full potential as a meta….

Showrunner Eric Wallace said during the DC FanDome Q&A that at the time that production was shut down by the pandemic, they had about 85 percent of Episode 20 filmed — and that that footage fills much of the sizzle reel. But also, “we knew where we were going in Season 7,” he excitedly teased, “so even though it’s only footage really from one episode, pay attention to the way it’s presented. It’s actually huge spoilers allll over the place.”

How worried should fans be about ace reporter Iris’ keen mind being permanently damaged by the mirror realm and being taunted by some sort of other self? “It’ll be interesting to see when she comes out — and I believe she’ll come out very soon — how she has been affected by being stuck in this maddening world with this maddening villain,” said Candice Patton.

That said, she later assured a fan who had submitted a question that Iris and Barry, as they do, “will find their way back to each other eventually.”

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