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Inside Lucifer's Very Meta Episode 3: ¡Diablo! Easter Eggs Revealed

Lucifer Recap 5x03

The following contains “spoilers” of a sort from Lucifer Season 5, Episode 3.

Lucifer and Chloe dealt with a very different kind of devilish doppelganger when in Episode 3 of the new season, Luci returned topside just in time to help solve a murder on the set of one hell of a TV series.

The episode “¡Diablo!” involved the fatal stabbing of the megalomaniacal showrunner of Lieutenant ¡Diablo!, a Warner Bros. TV drama that, seven episodes in, was “the biggest hit of the fall.”

“We figured if we’re going to make fun of the industry, the first thing we had to do was make fun of ourselves. That was very important,” Lucifer‘s Joe Henderson shared during his and co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich’s TVLine interview. “It’s got to be friendly fire first of all and most of all. And that’s why a piece of crap showrunner is the victim!”

On the show-within-a-show, Alex Quijano (Fresh Off the Boat) played the actor playing Lt. Diablo, while Brianne Davis portrayed the actress portraying Detective Dancer, who much to onlooker Chloe’s bemusement had famously gone from “stripper pole to detective pool in just three years.”

Other counterparts included Detective “Doofus,” Blaze and Dr. Belinda.

What other Easter eggs can be found, as Chloe and Lucifer roam the TV series’ set and production offices?

The murdered showrunner’s No. 2, Keri Belwood, “is named after Sheri Elwood, one of our old EPs,” Henderson noted. “And Keri Belwood’s office is my office, but redressed because my office is bare and sad, and hers actually looks like a place someone would want to work out of.” Similarly, “The writers room is our writers room, but redressed with a lot more candy.”

Speaking of the writers room, all of the note cards pinned to the walls and plotting out an episode of TV “were done by our writers’ support staff, who came up with the craziest ideas,” said Modrovich. And if you were to see them up close, “It is an entirely trackable episode of ¡Diablo!

Also, “The precinct that ¡Diablo! is shooting in is our precinct, except with a wall taken out,” Henderson shared.

The “silliest” Easter egg, Modrovich revealed, is one that despite much slo-mo and freeze-framing, we are not quite sure if it made it into the final cut. “I went to set the day we were filming it, in a Lucifer cart that had been changed to a ¡Diablo! cart,” the EP recalls, “and I drove through the back of a scene before I realized I was in the shot! But then I realized, ‘Oh, it doesn’t matter!’ I was just part of the set dressing. So I might be in the deep background of a shot of Episode 3.”

All told, reflecting on the devilish Warner Bros. TV procedural within a devilish Warner Bros. TV procedural, shot on the Lucifer lot, Henderson marvels, “I can’t believe they let us do it!”

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