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Lucifer's Devastating Episode 2 Reveal Is 'One of the Huge Things We Wanted to Cover This Season,' Says EP

Lucifer Recap 5x02 Chloe Gift God

The following contains major spoilers from Season 5, Episode 2 of Netflix’s Lucifer.

You gotta give Lucifer‘s twin brother this: Though Michael’s charade might not have lasted very far into Season 5, he does know how to make an exit.

In Episode 2 of the new season, titled “Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!,” Michael did his best-ish to pass himself off as his brother while helping Chloe solve a murder committed inside of a manned Mars mission’s training bubble. But between not knowing when to suss out a suspect’s “desire” (versus fear), letting any number of double entendres pass him by, and, worst of all, lying, Chloe was sure to pick up on the poser’s scent.

So, just when Michael thought that he was about to take Lucifer’s relationship with the detective to the next, horizontal level, he instead got a bullet in the leg — and then two in the chest! — having been found out in large part due to his hurtful, “accidental” hook-up with Maze.

Michael would not go down without a fight, though. Before skulking off to LUX’s bar scene, he took great pleasure in revealing to the detective that she is a gift from God, purposely put in Lucifer’s path. Meaning, she was never meant to exist, and her entire purpose on Earth has been, more or less, predetermined.

Try as she did to shrug off the notion, Chloe was clearly shook upon learning of it — and clearly even more so as she dwelled on it inside Lucifer’s penthouse, after Michael’s exit.

Revealing to Chloe her celestial origin “was actually one of the very huge things that we wanted to cover this season, because we do try to listen to our fans,” co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich told TVLine. “A lot of people still wanted to know why Chloe makes Lucifer vulnerable, so that was a big task that we set for ourselves.”

Starting with Episode 3, Chloe will be fixated on the seeming lack of free will with which she has led her life, conceived as she was to be but a part of Lucifer’s own existence.

“You’re always looking for that reason for them to get a little closer… and a little further away,” co-showrunner Joe Henderson says of this latest Deckerstar detour. “Chloe will be rocked by the idea that her life choices seemingly weren’t her own,” he previews. “Is she just a pawn in a celestial game? Does she really love Lucifer, or was that what God wanted her to feel?”

Luci will do his best to assuage the detective’s sudden confusion, but it won’t be until the end of Episode 5 (of eight) when a lovely POV from a third party prompts Chloe to have an epiphany and see her role in the world in a new light.

“This is all something we almost covered in Season 4,” says Henderson, “but we realized we wanted to hold onto it and really dig into it in Season 5, and explore the depth of Lucifer and Chloe relationship even more so.”

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