Yellowstone's Josh Holloway Previews Season 3 Finale's Face-Off: 'To Roarke, John Dutton Is Just a Small Fish'

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Most anyone who’d even think of going up against Yellowstone’s formidable John Dutton would decide against it. But Josh Holloway‘s Roarke isn’t most anyone.

He doesn’t even break a sweat when their inevitable face-off goes down in Sunday’s Season 3 finale (9/8c, Paramount Network). “There’s one moment, though,” he tells TVLine, “where John leans in real close and kinda tells him what’s gonna happen. He might have a flicker there of, ‘Oh, this guy’s no joke.’

“But this [sort of high-stakes, cutthroat business] is what Roarke does,” he adds. “He’s gone worldwide, he’s not afraid to cross the legal line and hire guns and all that kinda stuff. So to Roarke, John Dutton is just a small fish. Nothing so hard to deal with.”

While Roarke may not be intimidated by the rancher, Holloway can’t say that he wasn’t a little anxious acting opposite Kevin Costner. “I love working with legends, because boy, does it make you nervous,” the Lost vet says. “I used to hate getting nervous, but somebody told me long ago, you just have to get comfortable being uncomfortable in this business. And I’m like, ‘Oh s–t, I guess you’re right.’ So I don’t get that uncomfortable anymore unless I’m working with a legend.

“And I like that,” he continues. “It brings your A game, you know? And I’ve been a huge fan of Costner’s forever, so to get on set with him? The first 15 minutes, I’m shakin’ in my boots! Then after you get into it, it’s like, ‘Oh man, this is awesome!’ Once you get that first scene in, then you’re good — especially when he says ‘Nice job’ ’cause I didn’t mess up all my lines. Then you’re really confident! Like, ‘OK, maybe I’m not gonna get fired today.'”

What do you think, Yellowstone fans? There’s no way Roarke can take the ranch away from the Duttons… or (yikes) is there?

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