That Lucifer Season 5 Trailer Doesn't Spoil as Much as You Think It Does

Lucifer Season 5 twin Brother

If in the course of excitedly pressing play on the long-awaited Lucifer Season 5 trailer last month, you were taken aback by what you perceived to be a major plot twist, here is some good news.

The trailer — which heavily revolves around said reveal (and features moments from what I believe is each of the eight episodes, including the “5A” finale) — doesn’t in fact spoil that much. Nor will this TVLine news story, if you are among the fans who want to go into Season 5’s first half ice-cold.

“We went back and forth on it a lot, but there’s a reason we chose to give that big spoiler away” in the trailer (embedded below), co-showrunner Joe Henderson tells TVLine. “And it’s because there is so much more to this season.”

That Henderson and co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich elected to give away even that much is due to the nature of Netflix releases and the different ways people consume binge drops.

“With the way that you watch streaming, it’s hard to have a shared experience, because someone’s on Episode 5, someone’s on Episode 8…,” Henderson explains. So ahead of the season premiere (on Friday, Aug. 21), at which fans will binge the eight episodes at different rates, the aim was to get people buzzing and speculating, all at the same time, about what appears to be a major plot point.

“We wanted to give the fans a shared experiences of reacting to [that spoiler],” Henderson says. “That felt like a cool thing for all the fans to experience together,” before diving into the actual season.

Now to be clear, while the trailer’s central reveal “is definitely a huge part” of Season 5, Henderson is confident “that once fans see [the episodes], they’ll understand that while it seems like we have spoiled a lot, we have not spoiled much at all.”

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