Big Brother All-Stars Recap: Which Houseguest Was the First Evictee?

Big Brother All-Stars Recap

The Big Brother house got a little bit emptier on Thursday night, as the first All-Star of the season got evicted… and was greeted by an empty CBS studio. (As if getting booted weren’t soul-crushing enough.)

Keesha Smith and Kevin Campbell, who both struggled to find allies during the first week of Season 22, faced elimination in Thursday’s episode — but which one got the boot? Read on for the highlights of the evening:

THE STRATEGY | In the episode’s pre-taped segments, the Keesha vs. Kevin decision doesn’t seem to be weighing on anyone. Instead, the All-Stars who aren’t in jeopardy this week are busy making alliances… and Cody’s making quite a few. After establishing a Final Two alliance with Memphis known as The Commission, Cody and Memphis then expand their group to include Christmas, Tyler, Dani and Nicole F. But when another alliance opportunity presents itself — this time with his Roots partner, Enzo, plus Bayleigh and Da’Vonne — Cody’s all for it. (This alliance is missing a cool name so far, though.)

In other Bayleigh news, she and Tyler finally make amends after their major Season 20 blow-up — better two years late than never! — and decide to covertly work together, as no one would suspect their team-up. But even after these new alliances are formed, there doesn’t seem to be a consensus about who to evict.

THE EVICTION | On the other hand, the house seems to have come to a clear agreement about this week’s eviction in the last 24 hours: Keesha is evicted by a disheartening — and, for Kevin, utterly jaw-dropping — 13-0 vote, and she’s sent packing after conspicuously wishing “most of you” the best of luck in her pre-vote speech. In her tearful interview with Julie Chen Moonves, Keesha later names Enzo and Cody as the targets of her ire, seeing as they’d promised to give her a heads-up if she was going to be evicted… only to break their word and avoid her when Eviction Day rolled around.

Also, in a devastating callback to Keesha’s Season 10 eviction, Memphis once again casts the final vote to oust her, which I can only imagine had the BB producers cackling with glee in their socially distanced pods.

THE HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD COMPETITION | As always, the week’s eviction is immediately followed by the next Head of Household competition, with Cody ineligible to compete this time. It’s a straightforward comp in which houseguests must watch video clips, then correctly answer true/false questions about what they just saw.

In the end, it comes down to Nicole A., Memphis, Tyler, Bayleigh and Da’Vonne for the final question. Memphis is the only one to answer it correctly, making him the new HOH… and making it a great week for The Commission.

OK, your turn! Were you bummed to see Keesha get evicted first? And who do you think Memphis will nominate for eviction? Drop all of your thoughts in a comment below!

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