Umbrella Academy Sneak Peek: Five Lands in a 1960s War Zone, Dodges a Nuke in Season 2's Opening Scene

The Umbrella Academy gang is reuniting in a whole new era… and from the looks of this sneak peek, they’re not finding the 1960s to be all that groovy.

Netflix has released the opening scene of Season 2 ahead of this Friday’s premiere, and it finds Aidan Gallagher’s Number Five dropped in a Dallas alleyway on November 25, 1963. But instead of a nation mourning the JFK assassination, he finds the streets overrun by Russian troops and tanks, with a newspaper headline blaring, “Soviets Attack U.S., JFK Declares War on Reds.” Yikes… maybe the assassination saved us from an even worse alternate timeline?

The Soviets are decimating Dallas, it looks like, but Five’s siblings step in to lend a hand, with Vanya, Luther and Allison all taking turns wiping out Russian troops with their superpowers. Just when Five is about to join the fight, though, Hazel zaps in and whisks him away to safety. And not a moment too soon, because there’s a huge mushroom cloud on the horizon…

In Season 2, the siblings are all scattered across a three-year period in 1960s Dallas, but they must find a way to reunite, stop doomsday and return to the present timeline. (No problem, right?) Press PLAY above to get a first look at Season 2, and drop your thoughts in a comment below.