Arrow Comic-Con Flashback: Revisit 8 Years of Cast Videos, From the Origin Story to Stephen Amell's Final Wish

Whereas the universe began with a big bang, the Arrowverse began with its flagship series’ 2012 visit to TVLine’s San Diego Comic-Con video suite.

As we lament not being back in San Diego this summer for yet another raucous round of SDCC video Q&As, TVLine has rounded up some of the Arrow cast’s most memorable moments in front of our cameras — starting with series lead Stephen Amell recounting how he came to be the Emerald Archer, followed by the first time “Olicity” graced our couch.

Other highlights include John Barrowman marking his promotion to series regular (as Malcolm Merlyn), Amell cracking everyone up with his take on siring a whole Arrowver$e, and how TVLine’s Michael Ausiello surprised a notable someone with the news that Lost favorite Michael Emerson would be a Season 6 villain.

Of course, no trip down Arrow‘s Comic-Con memory lane would be complete without a flashback to The Cell Phone That Would Not Stop Ringing, which nearly enjoyed an encore the following year!

The video above then comes to an emotional close, as Amell shares what was his wish for the final season — that as many members of the show’s Vancouver crew stick around, even though it was just 10 episodes. “And everyone came back,” he reported. “So to me, this is already a success.”

Hit PLAY on the video above to relive Team TVLine’s favorite moments with the Arrow cast at Comic-Con, then drop a comment with your own thoughts on the CW drama’s legacy below.

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