The Alienist Sneak Peek: Sara Unlocks Childhood Horrors While Hypnotized

If you’d like to keep your repressed childhood memories deep in your subconscious where they belong, we’d suggest staying away from The Alienist‘s Laszlo Kreizler.

TVLine has an exclusive sneak peek at Sunday’s first hour of the horror-drama (TNT, 9/8c), which is rolling out back-to-back episodes for each week of its sophomore season. In the video above, Sara agrees to let Laszlo hypnotize her before she allows him to do the same with Isabella Linares, whose baby daughter was recently kidnapped.

When Laszlo instructs Sara to go to a “calm place of safety and happiness” in her mind, it’s easy enough for her to conjure images of her 12-year-old self playing at her family’s house. But the memory isn’t peaceful for long — and there’s one visual so disturbing, Sara has to cut the hypnosis session short.

Elsewhere in Episode 3, titled “Labyrinth,” Sara persuades a young nurse at the Lying-In Hospital to disclose what happens behind closed doors. Then, at 10 pm, “Gilded Cage” finds William Randolph Hearst hosting a lavish ball to celebrate his goddaughter’s engagement to Moore, while Sara worries about her young undercover detective Bitsy Sussman.

Watch our exclusive clip from Episode 3 above, then drop a comment with your thoughts.

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