Walking Dead Comic-Con Flashback: The Rick Spinoff We'd Have Paid to See

We feel your pain, would-be San Diego Comic-Con attendees. But we also may be able to alleviate it, at least a little bit, with the above video, a collection of highlights from TVLine interviews past with the cast of The Walking Dead. If nothing else, it’s sure to bring up a whole different set of emotions.

How could the clips not provide a welcome distraction, given that they include a Who’s Who of who used to be alive on the long-running AMC drama? One second, Steven Yeun (ex-Glenn) is telling us that he rarely gets stopped by fans on the street because “people are afraid of being racist” and mistaking him for another Asian-American actor; the next, Michael Cudlitz (ex-Abraham) is recalling the time that his co-star was recognized as Heroes’ Masi Oka. No sooner have we seen Sarah Wayne Callies (ex-Lori) inquiring about TVLine’s standards-and-practices, because, ya know, “we shoot little girls in the face” than Andrew Lincoln (ex-Rick) is sharing details of the heavily-accented character that he almost played in Fear the Walking Dead. (He even gives us a taste of what Brooklyn-born “Ricky” would have been like.)

Then, of course, there’s the revelation of one cast member’s dream demise on the show, a hilarious and horrific vignette that begins with a little pony and ends with a beloved survivor being impaled by a unicorn horn that appears out of its head. Who picked such a… um… unique way to go? Press PLAY on the video above to find out, then hit the comments with your hopes/worries for Season 11.

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