Doom Patrol Sneak Peek: Jane's Latest Persona Is Also Rita's Biggest Fan

Rita isn’t the only one stepping into a new role on this week’s Doom Patrol.

While the disciplined actress prepares to play a beekeeper in a community theatre production, she also gets some face time with Jane’s new dominant personality — and she’s such a Miranda.

The two women cross paths for the first time in TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek of the episode (titled “Dumb Patrol”), dropping Thursday on DC Universe and HBO Max, and it doesn’t take long for them to hit it off. Then again, they are bonding over their mutual admiration of… Rita.

“Oh my God, you’re Rita Farr,” Miranda gasps while preparing breakfast for her housemates. “Sorry, I’m Miranda. [Jane] is taking some time for herself. I just can’t believe I’m talking to you, I’m such a big fan.”

Elsewhere in this week’s episode, “while Niles heads north to find Dorothy’s mother, the Doom Patrol embraces their inner morons after receiving a mysterious package,” according to the official synopsis.

Speaking with TVLine earlier this season, Diane Guerrero promised that we’d “see more of what makes Jane Jane” in Season 2.”It’s an entire lifetime, probably more. So it’s a lot to explore.”

Hit PLAY on the video above for an exclusive first look at Rita and Miranda’s first meeting, then drop a comment with your thoughts on Doom Patrol‘s second season below.

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