Blindspot Series Finale Video: Is the New FBI Boss Really Firing the Team?

Arla Grigoryan has only been Blindspot‘s interim FBI director for a short while, but she’s not shy about wielding her power.

Case in point: our exclusive sneak peek at the NBC drama’s series finale (Thursday, 9/8c), in which Arla — who was tapped to temporarily replace the dearly departed Matthew Weitz — dismisses Weller, Zapata, Patterson and Rich Dotcom from their roles at the FBI, even as Ivy Sands remains a threat.

“You’ve all been through a lot, but so has the bureau,” Arla bluntly tells the team. “This office has had its fill of tumult and aspersions. We need a reset — a new director, a new beginning.” (“Which, for us, means an ending,” Rich is quick to counter.)

It isn’t all bad news for the team: According to Arla, they’re all getting immunity deals and won’t have to pay legal consequences for the events of the past few months. But that’s not exactly enough to soften the blow of what Arla says next.

Elsewhere in the final episode, titled “Iunne Ennui,” the team — whether they’re employed at the FBI or not — must try to save Jane, who seemed to be exposed to substantial amounts of ZIP in the penultimate hour.

Watch our exclusive sneak peek at the finale above, then drop a comment with your hopes for Blindspot‘s swan song.

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