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Brave New World Finale: Joseph Morgan on the Kiss He Wanted (But Didn't Get)

Brave New World Joseph Morgan

One of the best lines in Peacock’s Brave New World adaptation is also one of its shortest: “Motherf–ker!”

The stand-out moment comes in the season finale, as Joseph Morgan‘s character — a low-level “epsilon” known as CJack60 — is finally empowered to rage against the proverbial machine, so much that he begins parroting some colorful language spouted by his new leader, John the Savage.

“I was nervous about that line,” Morgan admits to TVLine. “It comes from such an innocent place, and he enjoys saying it so much. That’s what a lot of CJack’s journey was — experiencing things and appreciating them for the first time. That was all put into practice there with that one line. And I practiced it a lot to sort of figure out how I was going to do it.”

Morgan refers to the finale — the last of nine episodes, all of which are now available to stream — as a “gift,” one that gave his character the opportunity to finally come into his own. “Although CJack60 is a poignant part of the show, he’s small throughout a lot of the season,” Morgan says. “He’s on the periphery. You touch base with him throughout the first eight episodes, but I felt like the finale was the payoff of all of that. Suddenly, he’s in it. He’s there with John. And then, of course, he gets to have this whole journey of his own.”

That journey includes CJack60 meeting his own maker, resulting in a Morgan-on-Morgan moment that begs to be gif’d. In fact, I’ll make it myself. Heck, I’ll even add a filter so it looks like our collective fever dream:

Brave New World

“That scene took so long,” Morgan recalls. “But it was also one of the scenes I was most proud of. And it doesn’t even have all the footage I wanted it to have. I wanted it to go on and on, because I played a whole moment after I strangled myself. I kept joking with my wife that it was like in Alien: Covenant where there were two Michael Fassbenders touching faces, and you feel like they’re going to kiss. You feel like the director maybe even said, ‘Let’s do one with the kiss, just for safety.’ And I kept joking that that was my goal — to kiss myself on screen. It’s a very sexual show for the other characters, and I thought, ‘Here’s my chance to do that with myself!'”

So, what could the future hold for this newly liberated — and increasingly aware — CJack60? Morgan has absolutely no idea, and he’s fine with that.

“My understanding is that [Brave New World] was originally conceived as a limited series [by creator David Wiener], but there is also a lot of interest in continuing the journey. I think some ideas may have been conceived. When you watch the finale, the very end really does feel like the beginning of a new journey for a lot of these characters, so I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they were up for round two. … But for [CJack60], it really does feel like the end. He met his maker, then he ended him, so where does he go from there? There is a whole world of discovery for him, and he’s only starting to process emotions and develop a vocabulary to do that. He also has an army of people that he can bring with him. But I just don’t know.”

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