Snowpiercer Season 2 Teaser Video Reveals Sean Bean as [Spoiler]

The following contains spoilers from the Snowpiercer Season 1 finale.

In one of the greatest plot twists ever, Sean Bean — whose TV and film characters have a knack for getting whacked — has been cast as someone who is already dead.

The Game of Thrones alum can be heard and seen in the above Season 2 teaser for TNT’s Snowpiercer, which wrapped its freshman run on Sunday night. As strongly hinted at the close of the post-apocalyptic drama’s Season 1 finale, the titular train’s enigmatic creator, Mr. Wilford, is in fact alive, having cheated death at the time of departure seven years ago by finding refuge aboard Big Alice, a prototype train he had also developed.

Big Alice shockingly surfaced during the second hour of the Season 1 finale, ultimately attaching itself to Snowpiercer and then braking both trains to a stop. And though Wilford himself did not board Snowpiercer (instead sending along a most unexpected emissary, in the form of Melanie Cavill’s similarly presumed-dead daughter), he is absolutely on board Big Alice, as confirmed by the teaser above — in which he warns that he is back and spoiling to reclaim what is his.

Press play above to spot Bean and catch other glimpses from Season 2, which was greenlit in May 2019 and had nearly finish filming at the time the coronavirus pandemic shut down production.

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